Stoyan Bachvarov Dramatic Theatre, Varna

stoyan bachvarov dramatic theatre varna

The building of the dramatic theatre “Stoyan Bachvarov” in Varna was built in the early 20th century, and its construction took about 20 years and lasted from 1912 to 1932. It is the work of the famous architect Nikola Lazarov from Karlovo, who graduated architecture in the French capital Paris. The theater was built on the orders of Varna Municipal Council, and the facade of the building was decorated in an elegant Baroque style. Today, this iconic building is one of the most important centers of cultural life in Varna and the most favourite hot spot in the city according to the local intelligentsia.

stoyan bachvarov dramatic theatre varnaFurthermore, this place in the seaside capital attracts a large number of visitors with the famous international Theatre Festival “Varna Summer”, which is held every year from June 1 to June 11.

The dramatic theater building is painted in red and white colours and clearly stands out against the backdrop of the most central square in Varna – the Independence Square.

Next to the theater there is a small and shady garden with benches. This is a nice place to escape the unbearable summer heat, to sit and rest under the pleasant shade of centuries-old maple trees.

In the area of the theater there are many other attractions of the city such as the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, the clock tower, the building of the courthouse, the central fountains and the most attractive pedestrian area known for its shops, restaurants and cafes.