Vinitsa, Varna

vinitsa varna

Vinitsa is a small neighborhood located in the northern parts of Varna, about seven kilometers from the city center. Years ago the neighborhood was a small and not very popular village, but today it is turning into an attractive place to live. There is an increasing number of foreigners who buy properties here. Most of the buyers are Russians, who come here because of the much better climate in Bulgaria, but there are also people from other countries. Vinitsa has a lot of advantages but also some disadvantages.

vinitsa varnaOn one hand, the neighborhood is built up with big houses, which is a rarity in most of the major cities of Bulgaria.

There are many new small residential buildings with apartments, which makes the neighbourhood a great place to buy very good price property on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

On the other hand, Vinitsa is well known for its not very good infrastructure. The biggest drawback of the neighborhood is that many of the streets are in poor condition and with no pavement, which is not very good for the neighbourhood’s reputation.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Vinitsa is that the neighborhood is located in close proximity to one of the most famous resorts in Bulgaria – St. Constantine and Helena.

The resort is located approximately 2 km from Vinitsa, and it takes between 30 and 45 minutes to reach the resort on foot.

Another great advantage is the proximity of Eco Park Varna – the beautiful botanical garden which is located between the neighborhood and the resort.

In Vinitsa there is also a horse base, which is a good news for the lovers of horse back riding.

Vinitsa is known for its clean air, and you can feel the smell of the surrounding forest particularly strong during the warm summer nights.

The neighborhood, albeit remote, enjoys good transport connections with the city center of Varna. Two bus lines, numbers 31 and 31A, provide regular transport to the city center.

Usually you can overcome the distance in about 15 – 20 minutes, but at rush hours it can take up to 40 minutes to get from the downtown to the neighborhood.

Vinitsa has a primary school, shops and banks, which reduces the need to travel to the city.