Best Travel Tips to Alegranza, Canary Islands (For Your First Trip)

alegranza from above

Alegranza is the northernmost island of the Canary Archipelago.

It is located at 29 degrees and 24 minutes north latitude, approximately 16.5 kilometers to the north of the beautiful island of Lanzarote and occupies an area of only 10.2 sq km.

The island stretches about 4.6 km from southwest to northeast.

Despite its small area the relief of Alegranza is varied.

Most of the island is dominated by flat or hilly terrain.

On the west coast however, there is a volcanic crater that reaches a height of about 289 meters.

The island is uninhabited.

alegranza seen from lanzarote

The only signs of human presence are the lighthouse and an old house called Casa del Veri.

The lighthouse is the main tourist attraction.

It was built in 1865 and is located on the east coast.

Alegranza Island is almost completely devoid of vegetation except for some grass species able to adapt to strong sun and scarce moisture.

The island falls within the Parque Natural del Archipielago Chinijo together with the neighboring islands and part of the shore line of Lanzarote.

The coastline of Alegranza is rocky.

alegranza from above

The only exceptions are some small, wild and completely deserted beaches.

Most famous are Playa Trabuco – reddish beach, located in the southern part of the island and Playa La Tosca o Playa El Veri – miniature beach with reddish – brown sand and impressive overhanging volcanic cliffs.

The coast of Alegranza seems too harsh and therefore tourists do not come here often.

The weather here is sunny and warm almost all year round.

Cloudy and rainy days are rare.

Temperatures are usually between 21°C in January and 28°C in August.