Best Travel Tips to Frontera, El Hierro (For Your First Trip)

frontera el hierro

Located between 200 and 300 meters above sea level, the small town of Frontera is comfortably situated in the foothills of a half-destroyed volcanic crater that collapsed and sank into the sea some 50 000 years ago.

Today, what’s left of the crater rises about 1,300 meters above the settlement or approximately 1,5 kilometers above sea level.

The town is located about 2 kilometers from the ocean in the middle of the fertile plain Valle del Golfo.

The whole area is occupied by arable lands, which are famous for their delicious and juicy pineapples.


frontera el hierro
The weather in Frontera is warmer than the island’s capital Valverde.

Because of the lower altitude above sea level, the average daytime temperatures are pleasant, usually in the range between 20°C in winter and 28°C in the height of summer.

Since the village is located in the northern half of the island, the skies over Frontera are often covered with clouds.

However, the weather is quite dry throughout the year.

Even in November and December, the rainiest period, the total number of rainy days is about 10.

Sights to See

The biggest tourist attraction of Frontera is the church Nuestra Senora de Candelaria, which is located on the top of a small hill in the outskirts of the settlement.

Frontera is the main town center of the homonymous municipality with a population of over 4100 people, and in close proximity there are several other small villages such as Las Puntas, Los Mocanes, El Golfo, Los Llanillos and others.

It occupies the entire plane in the northwestern part of the island beyond the ridge of the volcanic crater.

Until not long ago, Frontera was the largest municipality by population on the island, but today the most populous is the southern municipality of El Pinar.

Seen from above, the town of Frontera is quite scattered and for this reason looks bigger than it really is.

The distance between most of the buildings is usually significant.