Best Travel Tips to Valverde, El Hierro (For Your First Trip)

valverde el hierro

Valverde is the capital of the island of El Hierro, Canary Islands.

The small village with a population of only 1,700 people is perched on the steep slopes of the island, offering a spectacular panoramic view of the coastal town of Tamaduste and the neighboring island of Tenerife.

Quite narrow and steep streets wind between the low Spanish-style houses, which are built of hard volcanic rocks.

Most of the buildings are white, but there are also houses in other bright colors such as orange, peach, red and others.


valverde el hierro
Due to its high altitude and location in the northern part of El Hierro, Valverde has a relatively fresh and cool subtropical oceanic climate.

The winter season usually brings lower temperatures of around 17°C.

As a whole, summers are not too warm with temperatures that barely reach 24°C.

The pleasant year-round spring-like weather and beautiful scenery in the vicinity of Valverde create the ideal conditions for long walks.

Things to Do in Valverde

Enjoying your quiet walk, you may suddenly come across a small shop, cafe or nice restaurant.

Valverde is a very quiet place, which is known as the most idyllic and secluded Canarian capital.

Very few tourists come here, and most locals are familiar with each other.

In the town there is also a small number of foreigners.

Most of them are attracted by the total lack of stress and indescribable feeling of peace in the area.

The streets are usually empty, and it is rare to see people walking around.

If you are planning to visit this small town, you should not miss the church (Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción), the building of the town hall as well as the small and lovely central square, which resembles a panoramic terrace.