Best Travel Tips to Costa Calma, Fuerteventura (For Your First Trip)

costa calma fuerteventura

Costa Calma is an attractive coastal town that has become a favorite resting place for tens of thousands of tourists from Northern Europe.

It is located in southeastern Fuerteventura, in the northeastern part of the Jandia Peninsula, and stretches along the Atlantic coast for more than three and a half kilometers.

Because the town is located on an isthmus, it is remote only about 4 km from the west coast of the island.

The resort of what is today Costa Calma is built around the small coastal village of Canada del Rio that is now an integral part of the surrounding cityscape.


costa calma fuerteventura
Because it is located south of the 30th degree parallel north latitude, Costa Calma enjoys a wonderful weather 12 months per year.

The sunny days are in abundance with temperatures between 21-22°C in winter and 28°C in summer.

The intense sun shining over the island makes many visitors from Britain, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia and other places to spend their winter vacations here.

Sights to See and Things to Do

Although Canada del Rio still exist within the borders of Costa Calma, the place is practically unrecognizable unless if you are accompanied by a skilled tourist guide or if you see some occasional street sign.

Costa Calma has excellent infrastructure and everything looks very nice and tidy.

It is a combination of luxury hotels, attractive tourist villas and apartments, and beautiful homes with large private swimming pools.

The main road that crosses Costa Calma from north to south divides the city into two parts – coastal and inland.

Along the main road stretches one of the biggest landmarks – the palm forest of Costa Calma.

This is the greenest place on the island, and its secluded alleys are an extremely attractive place to walk.

The species of palms and conifers that thrive here offer pleasant shade – something that occurs very rarely in Fuerteventura.

Despite the desert climate, it cannot be denied that the streets of Costa Calma are well landscaped.

There is a variety of trees and flowers, and all the gardens are emerald green, carefully maintained and watered.

Fuerteventura boasts the most beautiful beaches in the Canary Islands and is therefore not surprising that the biggest attraction of Costa Calma is its magnificent natural beach with fine golden sand and azure waters.

It attracts visitors 12 months a year, but is never too crowded with tourists.

In addition to its excellent opportunities for swimming and diving, Costa Calma is an attractive place for lovers of windsurfing.

Costa Calma offers a wide choice of places to shop, eat or drink something cold.

In addition, there are many agencies that offer the opportunity to rent a car, to join an exciting trip or participate in another adventure.

The large sandy dunes in the area are a good place for sandboarding.

Around the coast there are some very nice coastal bars and restaurants if you want to get something refreshing to drink after the beach, admiring the beautiful scenery.

The landscape in the vicinity of Costa Calma is deserted and almost completely devoid of vegetation.

Here and there amidst the golden sands you can see only some small lonely shrubs that survive somehow without water in the middle of the wilderness.

Only the numerous wind turbines, using the constant stream of blowing wind to generate electricity, diversify the sandy landscape.