Best Travel Tips to Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves, (Gran Canaria)

Puerto de las Nieves Gran Canaria

Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves are two small villages, located in close proximity to each other in the north-west of Gran Canaria.

They form together a sort of small agglomeration.

Puerto de las Nieves is the smaller one.

It is located on the Atlantic coast itself, and Agaete is a few hundred meters from the beach.

The agglomeration is nestled in one of the largest and most fertile valleys of Gran Canaria, Valle de Agaete, surrounded and protected by the volcanic slopes of the island.

Puerto de las Nieves Gran Canaria
Puerto de las Nieves Gran Canaria by Bengt Nyman

Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves are well maintained, with good infrastructure and really worth a visit.

The town of Agaete with its traditional architecture, churches and old houses has an inexplicable charm.

Whitewashed houses with wooden ornaments, small squares and beautiful gardens create a sense of tradition and comfort along the quiet streets.

When we talk about this part of Gran Canaria the keyword is “calmness”.

Although many tourists visit this place, most of them stay in the most famous resorts and prefer to come here on a day-trip to enjoy the combination of galleries and old buildings.

These who stay in Agaete or Puerto de las Nieves, however, are fewer and for this reason they have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

In Puerto de las Nieves you will find two small volcanic beaches.

They are gray or black and mostly rocky.

The water temperature is between 18 and 23°C throughout the year.

The water along the beach is usually calm, because there is a breakwater to protect the small harbor from large ocean waves.

In fact, this port maintains regular ferry services to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

From the coast reveals a beautiful view toward the south of the island, where the steep volcanic cliffs of Gran Canaria spectacularly descend into the ocean.

Furthermore, looking to the west you will enjoy an amazing panoramic view to the entire island of Tenerife and Mount Teide, which rises several thousand meters above the horizon.

The surroundings of this small coastal agglomeration are occupied mainly by farmlands.

Here are grown various tropical plants, especially bananas, papaya and mango.

Large trees are generally missing, and therefore here is difficult to find a shade outside the city.

Only some lonely date palms and citrus trees diversify the landscape.

During the wet winter months this area is covered with a carpet of greenery and different kinds of flowers.

Like most other places in the Canary Islands, Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves offer mild and lovely weather throughout the year.

However, compared to the southern part of Gran Canaria, here are a smaller number of days with sunshine and greater number of cloudy days.

Agaete’s temperatures can be one or two degrees lower in comparison with the southern coast of the island.

However, the agglomeration of Agaete will probably welcome you with sunny and warm weather and nice temperatures between 20°C in January and 26 – 27°C in August.