Best Travel Tips to Arguineguín (Gran Canaria)

dolphin arguineguin gran canaria

Arguineguín is a busy fishing village, located on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria.

Attractive nearby resorts such as Maspalomas, La Verga and Puerto Rico overshadow the city with their glamour and beauty, so it usually attracts a lot smaller number of visitors.

Arguineguín is more popular as a living place than as a place to rest.

However, tourists who want to experience the casual atmosphere of Gran Canaria outside the luxury hotel complexes of the island are attracted precisely at places like this one.

dolphin arguineguin gran canaria

Most local residents are part of the fishing industry and trade, or work at the nearby resorts.

Tuesday market takes place every week in Arguineguin.

The city comes alive before the eyes of thousands of visitors coming from all parts of Gran Canaria, including the largest city of Las Palmas.

The streets are swarming of locals and visitors who want to shop for groceries or just to enjoy the excitement.

Tuesdays in Arguineguin offer the opportunity to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, but also reasonably priced clothing, household goods or even an interesting souvenir.

Although Arguineguín is not a resort but a city, it offers some really good hotels to stay if you decide to spend your vacation here.

The larger hotel complexes are located along the coast.

They have large swimming pools and offer different services.

Many other smaller hotels and private lodgings are scattered within the whole town.

Many visitors who come to spend their holiday in the city have their own private property (house, apartment or studio) and stay there as long as they wish.

Timeshare is also a popular way to vacation in this area.

The mild and pleasant weather that Arguineguin has to offer is the biggest advantage of the city.

Summers are quite warm to about 27°C, but winters are considered to be more attractive, because then the weather is mild and very pleasant, but not too hot and with temperatures around 21°C.

The coastal town enjoys lots of sun and offers sea water temperature, which never falls below 18°C.

Arguineguin‘s pleasant temperatures attract mainly residents of the cold Scandinavian countries.

Most of them are usually looking for a warm and sunny place to spend the winter months, away from the gray winter sky of Scandinavia.

Especially great is the number of visitors from Norway, many of whom remain here year-round.

The warm, dry weather over the city attracts tourists and snow-birds, but the weather conditions are not very favorable for flourishing of dense vegetation.

Along the streets of Arguineguín there are not many trees, and the vicinity of the town is covered mainly by semi-arid vegetation.

The only plants that survive under the scorching tropical sun are some species of bushes and cacti.

Arguineguín beaches are volcanic in origin.

Some of them are covered by black or brownish sand, while others are mostly grey and rocky.

If you are not into black sand beaches, you can visit the beach of La Verga, which is located just a kilometer off the northern part of Arguineguín.

You can reach it by taxi, bicycle or on foot.