Best Travel Tips to Firgas, Gran Canaria (For Your First Trip)

firgas gran canaria cascade

Firgas is a small town, located on the northern-facing wetter and greener slopes of the island of Gran Canaria.

It is situated about 500 meters above sea level, nearly 4 kilometers from the Atlantic coast.

Because of its proximity to Las Palmas, Firgas is considered a suburb of the cosmopolitan city and the driving time from Las Palmas usually takes around 20 minutes.

The city is built on a slope, in a picturesque area with varied terrain.

Some higher-lying areas offer beautiful view of the Atlantic.

In the vicinity you will find moist, shady gorges, where sunlight reaches hard.

For this reason some really small ponds remain filled with water even in the driest and warmest months of the year.


firgas gran canaria cascade
Although the higher-lying parts of the island are cooler, Firgas enjoys a sunny and warm tropical climate with all year round lovely weather.

The town is strongly influenced by the refreshing cold Canary Current.

The average day-time temperatures are almost always in the range between 20 to 27 degrees, and rainy days are rare.

Sometimes the sky is covered with grey clouds, and its seems like going to rain, but it usually does not happen.

If you are planning to visit Firgas during the winter months, however, a light spring jacket will not be superfluous, especially at night.

Sights to See

The presens of moisture and vegetation creates favorable living conditions for frogs and many other small water-loving creatures.

Meanwhile amidst the open areas there is an abundance of sunlight and grow palms, dry-loving plants and shrubs, rarely trees.

The vicinity of Firgas is known for its mineral springs.

The bottled spring water of Firgas is recommended to try while walking around the historic streets of the city.

Founded in 1488, today Firgas has a population of just 8,000 people.

The city boasts a beautiful old architecture, numerous monuments, and narrow, steep, winding streets.

The biggest attraction is Paseo de Gran Canaria, the famous Firgas‘ promenade.

Here you can see a magnificent man-made waterfall-fountain with a lenght of approximately 30 meters.

It is surrounded by stairs and decorated with flowers.

The water flows down, forming a beautiful cascade.

It disturbs with its nice rattle the deep silence of this peaceful town.

On the ride side of the cascade are arranged upward next to each other very richly decorated benches that, with a variety of colors and figures, standing out against the snow-white wall behind them, immediately attract the attention of visitors.

Another attraction is San Roque, the small town square of Firgas.

Here you will find the charming white-gray facade of the town church with not very high twin bell tower and the building of the city council, considered the most beautiful in the city.