Best Travel Tips to Galdar, Gran Canaria (For Your First Trip)

galdar banana plantation gran canaria

Galdar is a municipality and most important urban center in the northwest of the island of Gran Canaria.

It has a population of approximately 25,000 people.

Although most of them are local, the combination of peaceful lifestyle and nice weather attracts a lot of settlers from Northern Europe each year.

Galdar is a place to lounge under the warm sun during the winter months, while the sky over most of Europe is covered by thick gray clouds.


galdar banana plantation gran canaria
Galdar is a warm and sunny place with temperatures around 20 – 22°C in January and February and about 26 – 27°C in August and September.

It offers great weather for tourism throughout the year, but especially during the autumn months, when the city offers the perfect temperature of about 24°C.

The weather is suitable for swimming and sunbathing all year round.

Although not a beach resort, near Galdar you will find several attractive beaches, the most famous of which is Playa de Bocabaranco.

Another attractive place is the village of Sardina (or Sardina del Norte), located only 4 kilometers from Galdar.

The sea water that washes the coast of Galdar municipality is always cool, but never cold, with temperatures between 18 and 23°C.

Sights to See

Therefore, besides Spanish that is the official language spoken in Galdar, you can hear also German and English speech.

Galdar is one of the most colorful and interesting towns to visit in Gran Canaria.

The settlement attracts local and foreign tourists with its beautiful architecture, churches, squares, fountains, small cafes and restaurants, craft workshops and narrow winding streets, ideal for long walks.

It has many historical sites and therefore its central part was declared a historical area since in 1981.

The most famous landmark is the church Iglesia de Santiago de Galdar that today is a symbol of the town and one of the first places to see when you arrive here.

The church has two beautiful side towers, one of them clock.

Opposite the venerable old building you can see the most beautiful town square in Galdar – Plaza de Santiago.

The most important sights include the city hall dating from the 18th century (1718) and the Galdar Municipal Theatre, built in the early 20th century (1912).

Both buildings are located close to each other in the historic city center.

Speaking of special places, however, we can not talk about Galdar without saying a few words about the archaeological heritage of the town.

The Museum and Archaeological Park Cueva Pintado is a must-visit place for every tourist.

It is the result of hard archaeological work for more than two decades.

Here you can see amazing cave paintings, the work of ancient people.

The cave art of Galdar speaks about the way of life of its creators and you will get an idea about what the islands looked like long before the first European settlers set foot no the coast of Gran Canaria.

Foods You Should Try

The outskirts of Galdar are very fertile and occupied by farmland.

Rich soil, fresh ocean air and large number of sunny days per year are the basis of very productive agriculture.

All sorts of tropical fruits are grown here, but most of the area is covered by large banana plantations.

The vineyards in the vicinity provide a basis for development of Galdar‘s wine industry.

Enjoy the pleasure of eating fresh fish, caught off the coast of Sardina, in combination with a salad, made from fresh local vegetables.

A glass of sophisticated local wine will open your senses, offering a bouquet of aromas.

And finally don‘t miss to taste the perfect healthy dessert – aromatic and juicy fruits from Galdar‘s vast plantations.

That could be a nice finish to your fragrance lunch or dinner.