Best Travel Tips to Maspalomas, Gran Canaria (For Your First Trip)

dunes in maspalomas

Maspalomas is a small town located on the southern coast of the island of Gran Canaria.

It is known as one of the best resorts in the Canary archipelago.

It is famous for its impressive golden sand dunes on the Atlantic coast.

They literally look like a miniature model of the Sahara desert, so the big interest of the tourist is not surprising.

This impressive sand formation is covered in places with sparse desert vegetation.

Here and there you can see date palms, cacti or dry loving shrubs.

Overall, however, sand dunes are devoid of vegetation and their shape resembles a raging sea.


sunset in maspalomas
Maspalomas is probably not the greenest place you’ve ever seen, but on the other hand, it radiates an incredible tropical charm.

Surrounding landscapes strongly resemble those in Southern California.

The difference is that here in the winter is a little warmer and grow even coconut palms.

That plant does not normally occur in this part of the world, but is imported and it appears that grows very well on local climate conditions.

The climate of Maspalomas is warm all year round.

The temperatures varies between 21°C in January and 29°C in August and September.

Sun is in abundance throughout the year.

The place is preferred by tourists in winter, because here the winter is considered to be an active tourist season.

During the winter months Maspalomas can offer you not only pleasant temperatures, but also and more greenery in comparison with the summer months.

Things to Do in Maspalomas

dunes in maspalomas
Maspalomas offers excellent opportunities for tourism.

The city and its surroundings have several excellent golf courses, but viewed from a high this world famous resort is an endless palette of gardens, pools, villas and hotels.

A walk through the street of Maspalomas is a very pleasant experience, because everything is very clean, tidy and harmonious.

Maspalomas offers excellent shopping opportunities.

If you are here with your half and want to impress her you could take her for a ride with a camel along the beach at sunset.

Not far from Maspalomas is located the small village of Pasito Blanco.

In this charming suburb of Maspalomas.

Here you can find a small marina, where you can lay alongside if you plan to arrive in Maspalomas by boat or yacht.