Best Travel Tips to Playa de Arinaga, (Gran Canaria)

playa de arinaga scuba diving

Playa de Arinaga is a small town located on the southeastern coast of Gran Canaria.

It is located just a few kilometers from the international airport of the island.

Unlike high-profile tourist centers such as Maspalomas, Playa de Arinaga offers peace and tranquillity in abundance.

In Playa de Arinaga, however, there is always something to do.

The town offers variety of small shops and coastal restaurants as well as a natural beach with brown sand and small volcanic stones.

playa de arinaga scuba diving

One of the attractions in the vicinity is Playa de Cabron.

This is a small beach situated amidst the volcanic rocks north of the city.

Playa de Arinaga is the most popular destination on the island when it comes to scuba diving.

Off the coast in this part of the island is located El Cabron Marine Reserve.

It offers a huge variety of sea creatures, and pretty good underwater visibility.

The town enjoys 365 days of good weather per year, day-time temperatures consistently over 20°C and insignificant rainfall.

Summer usually brings temperatures around 27-28°C.

Local weather is usually sunny and chances for rain are negligible even on cloudy days.

During the winter months is still better to have a thin spring jacket near at hand just in case because sometimes it is possible to become cool for a day or two.

The combination of warm weather and lack of rainfall in the city and its environs is the reason for the scanty vegetation.

In Playa de Arinaga grow mainly palm trees.