Best Travel Tips to Playa del Burrero (Gran Canaria)

playa del burrero view from above

Playa del Burrero is a small village on the east coast of Gran Canaria.

It is located next to the international airport of the island.

The city attracts tourists mainly for its casual atmosphere, excellent conditions for windsurfing, small restaurants with seafood and year round mild climate.

Playa del Burrero remains far from the popular resorts of Gran Canaria, so if you are looking for large crowds of visitors, this is not the place for you.

playa del burrero view from above
Playa del Burrero – view from above by Nelson Benitez

Local weather is one of the greatest advantages of Playa del Burrero.

The weather is usually sunny and warm but not very hot.

According to most visitors, local weather conditions resemble eternal spring.

The cool water of the Atlantic causes refreshing influence on Playa del Burrero’s weather.

It is suitable for swimming and sunbathing all year round, at least if you are not too sensitive to cold.

January offers air temperature about 21°C and seawater about 18°C.

On the coast and north of the city you will find nice beach with a length of over 400 meters.

The sand is rather dark and brown, mixed with volcanic stones.

The vegetation that cover the vicinity of Playa del Burrero is very scarce.

The landscape is dominated by two colors – beige on the coast and deep-blue into the sea.