Best Travel Tips to Playa del Cura (Gran Canaria)

playa del cura gran canaria

Playa del Cura is a small resort, located northwest of Playa Amadores and Puerto Rico, on the southwestern coast of Gran Canaria.

It is situated in a canyon-like valley, protected from north and south with brown volcanic rocks, exceeding one hundred meters height.

It attracts visitors mainly with the combination of fresh air, relaxed atmosphere and excellent climate.

playa del cura gran canaria

Unlike most of the other resorts in Gran Canaria, Playa del Cura can boast a more natural environment.

The beach is completely natural and therefore the sand is dark, with brown and ash shades.

Luxury hotels are comfortably situated on the terraced slopes in the northern and southern part of the resort.

Most hotel rooms in Playa del Cura offer panoramic views of the dark blue waters of the bay.

The streets are steep and winding under the warm tropical sun.

The vegetation is dry-loving tropical, but most common are various types of palms that grow very well under local weather conditions.

The best time of year to visit Playa del Cura are the winter months, especially December.

This small coastal resort is ideal for outdoor activities in winter, and especially for people who love to play golf.

Moreover, even during the busiest months of the year the beach is virtually empty, offering enough space for those who’d like to escape the crowds.