Best Travel Tips to Puerto de Mogan (Gran Canaria)

puerto de mogan gran canaria

Puerto de Mogan is a small town, located in the southwestern part of the island of Gran Canaria.

It is located on the coast, in a narrow and elongated valley.

The town is surrounded by bare and almost devoid of vegetation volcanic mountains.

Puerto de Mogan‘s hotel gardens are true oasis of exotic tropical flowers, palms, shrubs and ficuses.

The area around the marina is also well-planted.

puerto de mogan gran canaria

On the streets of Puerto de Mogan you will see mainly coconut palms.

Since larger trees are missing, the streets are not particularly shady.

For this reason, most local residents and visitors of Puerto de Mogan prefer to go for a walk in the morning and afternoon hours.

The coldest months of the year are an exception.

In January and February you will see a lot of people, walking during the hottest midday hours as in the morning or evening is a little bit cooler.

Once a small fishing village, today Puerto de Mogan is highly dependent on tourism.

The city can be conditionally divided into two parts – old and new.

The new town extends mainly along the coast and is often called the „Venice of the Canaries“.

It can boasts that it has a large marina and beautiful artificial beach with golden sand brought from the Sahara desert.

puerto de mogan cloudy weather

The port area offers many nice restaurants and shops selling various goods and souvenirs to its numerous visitors.

The buildings in this part of Puerto de Mogan are two-storey, white with colourful ornaments and small balconies on the second floor.

The buildings on both sides of the streets are connected with arches covered with beautiful flowers.

There are also several small channels that pass under the houses themselves.

The area around the beach is also built with mainly new buildings, especially hotels and luxury apartments offering beautiful panoramic views toward the golden sand and azure sea.

This part of the town is not so attractive to walk as the „Venice of the Canaries“ for example, but in contrast, is an attractive place to live because it is located very close to the beach.

The old part of Puerto de Mogan with its narrow, winding streets is located north of the marina.

Most of the buildings are usually two-storeys high, with flat roofs.

They are built right on the slope so that the streets between them are quite steep.

Because of the successful combination of old and new architecture, today the city is considered one of the most beautiful in Gran Canaria and is among the leading tourist centers of the island.

It looks very well-maintained and with excellent infrastructure.

puerto de mogan panoramic view

However, the plentiful sunshine and year-round warm weather is what attracts most of the foreign tourists here.

In practice, these islands are the only place in Europe to offer perennial summer season and this is their main advantage over the Mediterranean.

The Cold Canary current is the main factor, responsible for the pleasant temperatures, ranging between 21 and 27°C.

Local easily tolerated weather attracts here many retired people from Northern Europe who come here to spend the winter and return to their homelands during the warmer summer months.

Most of the entertainment options in Puerto de Mogan are related in one way or another with the Atlantic Ocean.

For example, in addition to relax on the beach and walk along the beautiful marina, there are various possibilities for boat trips and other adventures into the ocean.

Whether your aim is to admire the dolphins, or just want to enjoy the raw and rugged coastline from a different angle, this is something worthwhile to experience.