Best Travel Tips to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

playa de amadores puerto rico de gran canaria

Puerto Rico (or Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria) is a small and very attractive resort town, specifically designed to meet and accommodate visitors.

It is located in the municipality of Mogan, Las Palmas Province, on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria.

It consists of two separate resorts that are, however, completely connected, forming a sort of tourist urban area.

While Puerto Rico is bigger and busier, the other resort, Playa de Amadores, is definitely smaller and quieter.


playa de amadores puerto rico de gran canaria
Puerto Rico is especially popular destination for German, British and Scandinavian tourists who come here mainly during the winter months.

The atmosphere in the resort is strikingly reminiscent of the Mediterranean, but with more sunshine and no winter.

The slow pace of life creates ideal conditions for rest and the most attractive time of year to visit this wonderful place is considered the period around Christmas and New Year.

The small agglomeration of Puerto Rico has two adorable artificial beaches – Playa de Puerto Rico and Playa de Amadores.

They are considered to be among the best in the Canary Islands and can boast very fine, golden sand brought from the Sahara desert.

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria enjoys a wonderful climate, which allows you to relax on the beach and swim into the sea even during the coldest winter months.

The weather is all year round warm and sunny with temperatures between 21 and 28°C.

Temperatures below 20 or above 30°C are generally uncommon in the area.

The waters are coldest in February (about 18°C) and warmest in September (up to about 24°C).

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Most buildings in Puerto Rico are snow-white and in one way or another related with the strongly developed tourism industry.

Beautiful and modern hotels with attractive swimming pools are comfortably situated on the steep and brown volcanic slopes.

Shopping centers, restaurants, bars and clubs are always close to the numerous tourists.

If you are looking for opportunities how to spend most of your time outdoor, you can visit any of local sports and entertainment complexes.

Whether golf, tennis or anything else, the good weather conditions are almost 100% guaranteed.

The distances in Puerto Rico are very small and you could walk throughout the resort without a car.

What makes impression to most visitors, however, are the steep roads, especially if you have to climb them under the midday sun (this is not particularly recommended).

Due to the specific features of Puerto Rico’s geography, a walk around the city could turn into a never-ending climbing the steep streets.

If you want to save your energy for something more interesting, you can always use the services of local taxis or buses.


The surroundings of Puerto Rico are mostly mountainous and almost deserted.

The vegetation is quite sparse.

In the vicinity of Puerto Rico you can see only some dry-loving species of grass and shrubs.

Tree species are almost missing in the area.

The streets of the resort town itself, however, are well-planted.

Walking around Puerto Rico, you will find carefully maintained and regularly watered vegetation.

In fact the streets of the resort are turned into a real botanical garden of tropical flowers, evergreen trees and shrubs, but especially palms.