Best Travel Tips to Santa Lucia de Tirajana, (Gran Canaria)

santa lucia de tirajana old street

Just like a small oasis, the town of Santa Lucia de Tirajana offers fresh and green vegetation amidst the dry mountain slopes of Gran Canaria.

The city is located about 700 meters above sea level, in the southern half of the island.

The variety of species of plants is greater in comparison with the dry coastal areas.

Small gardens, squares, courtyards and streets are decorated with various types of Mediterranean and tropical plants – citrus and olive trees, date palms, giant cacti and others.


santa lucia de tirajana old street
Protected from the north through the mountains of Gran Canaria, Santa Lucia de Tirajana has a better climate in comparison with the settlements on the north coast.

Usually the winter in the vicinity is a little warmer, and the town enjoys plenty of sunshine and clear skies.

Temperatures range between 21-22°C in the middle of winter and 27-30°C in late summer.

Although the beach is miles away, if you are staying in a small family hotel with a pool, you can enjoy swimming and lounging under the gentle sun practically year-round, regardless of the season.

Sights to See

Santa Lucia de Tirajana is a very pleasant place to visit, especially if you are looking for а peaceful and quiet place to spend your holiday.

The city is a great place for walking and biking.

Just a few kilometers to the north are the lush and green pine forests that cover most of central Gran Canaria, and within a radius of few kilometers are several towns that, if you are keen cyclists, you could even reach by bicycle – Ciudad de Lima, La Taidia and San Bartolome de Tirajana.

The town of Santa Lucia de Tirajana itself, although center of the homonymous municipality, is quite small.

The municipality, despite the rapid growth of its population, is home to less than 70,000 people.

The town is not very large, and you could explore on foot this place with ease, even if you’re not too keen on long walks.

What will make you an impression is the quiet atmosphere of the town.

It is almost always sank into silence, and siesta seems never-ending.

Walking along the quiet streets, you will have the chance to absorb the sweet feeling of a Spanish province.

Although small, the town has a lot to offer its visitors.

The biggest attraction in Santa Lucia de Tirajana is the museum Castillo de la Fortaleza, built in a way to resemble a medieval castle.

It offers impressive artifacts from the time before the arrival of the first Spanish settlers.

Another place you should not miss is the rock Fortaleza Grande, turned into a castle by indigenous locals.

Do not miss the beautiful church Iglesia de Santa Lucia, located right in the city center of Santa Lucia de Tirajana.