Best Travel Tips to Sardina, Gran Canaria (For Your First Trip)

Playa de Sardina, Gran Canaria

Sardina is a small coastal town, located in the northwest of Gran Canaria, near the largest city in the region – Galdar.

Sardina is known for its beautiful buildings that are painted in all sorts of colors.

Blue, red, yellow and green houses stand out against the steep and brown volcanic rocks.

The city offers two small but pleasant beaches with light brown volcanic sand.

On warm and sunny days here flock many sunbathers.

On windy days, however, the big ocean waves turn this place into a center of attraction for lovers of surfing.


Playa de Sardina, Gran Canaria
Playa de Sardina, Gran Canaria by Karen Bryan

Like any other city in the Canary Islands, Sardina enjoys plenty of sunshine and warm weather throughout the year.

The city welcomes its visitors with temperatures between 21 and 26°C.

As it is located on the northern coast of Gran Canaria, Sardina meets first the clouds and cool wind that come from the north during the winter months.

Therefore the number of cool days in this area is larger in comparison with the south of the island.

However, even during the period from December to February there are many days that offer excellent opportunities to swim or simply sunbathe on the beach.

If you are looking for perfect weather, however, is good to know that autumn is considered the best season here.

Sights to See

One of the biggest attractions in the surroundings of Sardina is the lighthouse located near Llanos de la Caleta y Sobradillo, approximately half a mile northwest of the city.

Its location is spectacular. Raging dark blue Atlantic waters, waves crashing on the jagged rocks, refreshing wind and smell of ocean create together a feeling of pleasant coolness.

The lighthouse stands on the unshakable rocks for over a century, resisting the strong winds and storms.

The lighthouse works since 1891, and in clear weather its light is visible for more than 20 nautical miles inside the Atlantic Ocean.

Foods You Should Try

Sardina is well known for its fishing industry and fish restaurants.

Here seafood is the freshest you have ever tasted.

Most seafood is caught near the town and therefore it reaches immediately the numerous restaurants in the area.

In the vicinity of Sardina you can find huge tropical fruit plantations and vast areas with various kinds of vegetables.

For this reason the coastal town and its surroundings are a good place to practice culinary tourism.

The city is a good choice if you’re looking for a nice and quiet place to relax near the beach without to mess with the crowds of noisy tourists.