Best Travel Tips to Teror, Gran Canaria (For Your First Trip)

teror gran canaria

Teror is a small provincial town, centre of the homonymous Teror municipality with a population of approximately 12,200 people.

The town is located in Gran Canaria Island‘s interior, approximately 550 meters above sea level, less than 10 km southwest of the vibrant city of Las Palmas.

It is also considered one of the outlying suburbs of Las Palmas.

Teror is a picturesque place, comfortably situated in green mountainous area.

Due to the high altitude, weather here is always a little cooler and fresher than coastal areas.

teror gran canaria

Therefore if you have decided to visit the town during the winter months, long pants and a light jacket will be needed.

Teror is famous for its old architecture, white houses with beautiful gates and wooden ornaments, steep and narrow streets, and numerous craft workshops.

If you have decided to buy a traditional gift from Gran Canaria for your family and friends, this is probably one of the best places to find it.

The city has to offer many beautiful buildings, but one of the most remarkable is the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pino, a symbol of the town.

Another building you should not miss is the beautiful Casa Museo de los Patrones de la Virgen.

It is an important historical monument and is located not far from the Basilica.

While you’re in the town you should not miss to try the traditional cuisine and the famous mineral water.

Teror does not offer a wide selection of restaurants as Las Palmas or such a great wealth of seafood as the impressive seaside town of Sardina, but in contrast, you can feel the real taste of some little-known local specialties.