Best Travel Tips to Isla de Lobos (Canary Islands)

lobos island natural reserve

Isla de Lobos (or Lobos Island) is one of the smallest Canary Islands.

It occupies an area of only 4.6 sq km and its longest part stretches only 3.3 km from north to south.

The island is located less than two kilometers off the northeastern coast of Fuerteventura and about 125 km off the coast of Morocco, Africa.

Isla de Lobos is located at 28 degrees and 45 minutes north latitude and 13 degrees and 49 minutes west longitude.

When to Visit Isla de Lobos?

lobos island natural reserve
Since Isla de Lobos is devoid of vegetation and at the same time there are no buildings around to offer shade, is advisable to choose the winter months when the weather is cooler.

During the period from November to March the weather conditions are more easily tolerated and for you will be easier to explore this island.

Since the distances here are quite small, probably 3-4 hours will be absolutely enough to see everything.

What Clothes Should I Wear?

Put in your luggage summer wear, but do not forget also an anorak or light jacket for cooler days.

Take also some strong and comfortable shoes, because infrastructure is completely missing.

Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with high SPF will be needed even in January.


lobos island playa de la concha
Isla de Lobos has a warm tropical climate.

The weather is very dry and clear throughout the year, and the chance of rainfall is negligible even on cloudy days.

Most of the precipitation falls between November and January, followed by long period of almost no rain.

Temperatures range from 21°C in January and February to about 27°C in August and September.

The constantly sunny weather make it feels warmer than it actually is.


lobos island nature
In 1982 Isla de Lobos was declared a nature reserve.

Local environment is dominated by a semi-desert landscape with no trees.

Only dry grass and shrubs survive without moisture in the warm tropical sun.

The average elevation of Isla de Lobos is quite low.

The highest point is called Caldera de La Montana and rises 127 meters above sea level.

The coasts are mostly rocky, and in some places you can see black pebble beaches.

Immersed in the peace and quiet, Isla de Lobos is uninhabited, but in contrast, offers a refuge for an impressive variety of rare species.

The island is sanctuary for sea lions, rare birds and lizards.

The waters surrounding the island are full of a huge variety of fish and other sea creatures.

The lovers of beautiful beaches should visit the south of the island.

Here, in sheltered and calm bay, is located Playa de la Concha.

The waters are calm, clear and transparent, and the sand is unexpectedly bright and fine.

800 meters west of Playa de la Concha is another very attractive place, perfect for lovers of swimming and snorkeling.

Protected through protruding above the ocean surface volcanic rocks and submerged reefs, along the southeastern coast of Lobos has formed azure coastal lagoon with crystal clear waters.


Lobos Island is a protected area!

All the activities which can adversely affect local nature or violate the peace of local fauna are prohibited!

Visitors are not allowed to walk outside the designated trails.

If you want to avoid trouble with the law, you must be familiar with the rules of the island.