Best Travel Tips to Caleta de Sebo, Isla Graciosa (For Your First Trip)

caleta de sebo isla graciosa

With the exception of the holiday village of Casas de Pedro Barba, Caleta de Sebo is the only settlement on the island of Graciosa, the Canary Islands.

According to the National Institute of Statistics in Spain, the population of the town in 2012 was only 663 people.

It is located on the southeastern coast of the island, overlooking the neighboring island of Lanzarote.

Caleta de Sebo looks like a combination between a romantic fishing village and a calm resort settlement.

It has a nice marina, which is sheltered by two massive stone breakwaters.

caleta de sebo isla graciosa

Within the yacht port and in the surrounding area there are beautiful beaches with golden sand and very clear and calm waters.

Azure shallows like these are rare in the Canary Islands, but near Caleta de Sebo they are in abundance.

Because of the plenty of sunlight in most of the year and consistently mild weather, Caleta de Sebo is a magnet for visitors from near and far.

The village itself is really very small, and there are no any vehicles.

It extends in a narrow strip along the coast, and in its longest part it does not even reach a mile.

Of course, with such a small territory the town can be toured on foot in length and breadth only within half an hour.

Though located in the Atlantic Ocean, Caleta de Sebo has a typical Mediterranean architecture.

Flat-roofed whitewashed houses will remind you of other places along the Mediterranean coast such as Andalucia, Tunisia or Greece.

The streets of the town are not covered with asphalt but mostly with sand.

This place is almost devoid of greenness, and the only vegetation consists of a small number of date and coconut palm trees.

Caleta de Sebo is remarkable for its spectacular views of the island of Lanzarote.

Rising like a wall from the Atlantic, it is located just over a kilometer off the coast of the town.

Lanzarote impresses with its covered with a blanket of gray clouds rugged mountain silhouette, and it is visible from almost every point in the village.