Best Travel Tips to Casas de Pedro Barba, Isla Graciosa (For Your First Trip)

pedro barba graciosa

If you are looking for a place to feel like you’re away from it all, then you probably will be fascinated by Casas de Pedro Barba.

According to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics, in 2006, the population was only 2 people!

This small village is located less than 4 km northeast of Caleta de Sebo, and it consists of only a few holiday houses.

All of them are massive, snow-white, one-story villas with blue windows and doors.

It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, next to a lovely beach with golden sand and mirrored pristine waters.

Here is a beautiful view of northern Lanzarote.

pedro barba graciosa

The place offers unparalleled tranquility.

Located amidst the desert landscape of the island of Graciosa, the surroundings of Casas de Pedro Barba are mostly dry and scorched by the strong tropical sun.

Only a small number of shrubs, palms and cacti remind that here also grow plants.

Visiting this idyllic spot, you will have the chance to enjoy total silence with the exception of the pleasant sound of breaking ocean waves (if there are waves, of course).

There are no shops or restaurants, and nightlife is something you do not even have to think about.

However, if you are looking for quietness, clean air, a place to sleep until late without being bothered or just to spend a romantic vacation with your other half oceanfront, this place may seem to be a paradise for you.

It all depends on what you are looking for.

However, it is good to put in your luggage a lot of magazines or books as well as a lot of sunscreen.