Best Travel Tips to Agulo, La Gomera (For Your First Trip)

agulo la gomera panoramic view

With an area of only 25.39 square kilometers and a population of just 1,200 people, Agulo is the smallest and least populated municipality of La Gomera.

It is located on the north-facing slope of the island.

Rapidly growing tourist industry and agriculture are the main sources of income for the population.

On the terraced coastal slopes of the municipality are grown different kinds of vegetables and tropical fruits, but the most important is considered the production of bananas.


agulo la gomera panoramic view
Agulo enjoys year-round nice and mild weather, although the number of cloudy and rainy days is bigger in comparison with the south-facing slopes of the island.

In fact, no matter what time of year you visit Agulo, you will probably have the feeling of warm spring-like weather.

From December to March the average daytime temperatures are mostly between 20 and 22°C.

Summer usually is a little warmer and brings pleasant daytime temperatures of about 27°C on average.

If you are planning to visit Garajonay National Park is advisable to travel to Agulo during the summer months.

Winter traditionally brings unpredictable weather in all the high lying areas and mountains of La Gomera.

There is a possibility of sudden fog, rain or cooling that can ruin your enjoyment.

Sights to See

Major settlement within the municipality of Agulo is the homonymous town of Agulo dating from the 17th century.

It is located on the Atlantic coast, approximately 200 meters above sea level.

The town is surrounded by very steep mountain slopes covered with green vegetation.

It is famous for its beautiful colonial architecture.

Small restaurants and craft workshops are hidden amidst the quiet and charming cobblestone streets of the small town.

Despite La Gomera’s rapid modernization in recent years and the increasing number of foreigners wishing to visit the island, Agulo is still a place that jealously guards its ancient customs and traditions unchanged.

Except for the historic village of Agulo, another important landmark in the area is the rock “Red Wall” that rises high above the town.

It offers a spectacular view of the colorful houses, tropical gardens, date palms and banana plantations in the vicinity.

In the distance you can see Mount Teide on the island of Tenerife.

The biggest attraction of Agulo, and La Gomera as a whole, is Garajonay National Park.

It is known for its amazing rainforests.

Among the dense and humid vegetation you will find clean air, extremely beautiful winding trails and fresh mountain waterfalls.

Steep and rocky, the coasts of Agulo are typical of a volcanic island.

Beaches are almost completely absent, and the ocean is rarely calm even on completely windless days.

Because of the steep terrain, only a few places of the coastline are easily accessible.