Best Travel Tips to San Sebastian de La Gomera, (Canary Islands)

san sebastian de la gomera landscape

San Sebastian de La Gomera is the administrative district, which covers the western part of the island of La Gomera, Canary Islands.

The area has a population of nearly 8,000 people.

San Sebastian includes the settlements of San Sebastian, Benchijigua, El Molinito, Lomo Fragoso, Barranco de Santiago, Ayamosna, La Laja, Tejiade, Jerduñe and others.

San Sebastian covers an area of approximately 114 square kilometers.

It is located in one of the most devoid of vegetation parts of the island.


san sebastian de la gomera landscape
San Sebastian enjoys a cool and refreshing tropical climate.

For this reason, it is a good place for tourism throughout the year.

The area enjoys almost constant sunshine weather and stable temperatures of over 20°C throughout the year.

Sights to See

Only the extreme western areas of the district are covered by the famous rain forest of central La Gomera.

Most of the district of San Sebastian is covered by warm-loving plant species, but there are not many trees.

San Sebastian’s coastline is long and mostly rocky.

There are very few beaches in the district and all of them are covered with black volcanic sand.

The relief of San Sebastian is mainly mountainous.

Among the mountain slopes of the district are nestled a few small villages.

The coastal town of San Sebastian plays the role of island’s capital.

It bears the same name as the district.

The town is really small, but it acts as a major transportation hub and its transport sector is the most important item in the local economy.

San Sebastian’s port maintains regular ferry links with other neighboring islands and this is the main connection with the outer world.

The city also has a marina, several beaches with black sand and some small, charming gardens with tropical plants, mostly flowers and palms.

The atmosphere of San Sebastian is lazy and prone to break.

The narrow streets of the town are quiet and calm, even during the busiest tourist months.

The main place to walk and rest is the sunny and well-kept promenade of the town.

Unfortunately, many tourists pass through the district of San Sebastian without stopping, on their way to Valle Gran Rey or Vallehermoso, the main tourist destinations on the island.

It would be, however, interesting for you to pay some attention to the town.

San Sebastian has an interesting architecture.

Town’s buildings are painted in bright, lovely colors.

The main tourist attraction is the fortress “Torre del Conde”, a small medieval castle near the ocean coast, built in 1447 and completely preserved its authenticity for more than half a millennium.

Another place that might be of interest to tourists is the church Iglesia de la Asuncion with its brown and white façade, oval windows and two bells above the main entrance.