Best Travel Tips to Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera (For Your First Trip)

valle gran rey la gomera

Valle Gran Rey is one of six provinces on the island of La Gomera.

It is located on the west coast of the island and is surrounded by the province of Valle Hermoso.

Valle Gran Rey occupies an area of 32.9 sq km.

The province has a population of about 4750 inhabitants.

The population is distributed in several small villages which are located mainly in narrow valleys, nestled between steep mountainsides.

valle gran rey la gomera

For the most part, local people are of Spanish origin, although there are also some German and English settlers, attracted by La Gomera’s good climate and clean, peaceful environment.

The vegetation of Valle Gran Rey is evergreen and much lusher in comparison to the other Canary Islands.

Picturesque mountain valleys are covered with a green carpet that is freshest during the wetter winter months.

Date palm is the most common plant in Valle Gran Rey.

Its fruits, the dates, are very sweet and aromatic.

The steep but fertile mountain slopes have been transformed into terraced farmlands.

Valle Gran Rey is one of the most important tourist attractions on the island.

Local year-round spring-like climate attracts lovers of nature from all around the world, seeking privacy and tranquility amidst the countryside of the island.

The temperatures ranging from 20-21 degrees in winter and 28-29 degrees in summer are ideal for sports and different kinds of out-door activities.

Valle Gran Rey is far from being busy tourist destination.

Visitors usually stay in small family hotels.

The main reason that makes people come here is the opportunity to practice walking and cycling throughout the year with excellent weather conditions.

The opportunity for active recreation is combined with natural and healthy food, offered here.

Fish, fresh vegetables and tropical fruits, palm honey and aromatic herbs will give you a lot of strength after an active day outdoors.

After tiring long walk or biking you can have dinner in one of the small and quiet restaurants.

The food that they offer is usually cooked in traditional ways.

It is advisable to taste some local wines, which are claimed to have a unique flavor.

Visiting Valle Gran Rey is advisable to try the superb local cheeses and aromatic sauces called “mojo”.

They are served with different meals and vary in color, flavor and ingredients.

The coast line of Valle Gran Rey is mostly rocky and there are almost no beaches.

The largest beach is Playa de La Calera, but more attractive because of its calm waters is Playa Vultas, located about a kilometer to the south.

The sandy beaches of Valle Gran Rey are brownish.

Here, seawater can not be described as warm or cold.

In winter it is around 17-19°C and in summer reaches to about 22-23°C.

Valle Gran Rey is considered an attractive place for diving, since seawater is clean and offers a great variety of marine life.

If you like hiking into the wilderness, only a few kilometers from the picturesque villages you will find pristine rain forest.