Best Travel Tips to Vallehermoso, La Gomera (For Your First Trip)

vallehermoso la gomera

Around 2.5 km inland from the northern coast of the island of La Gomera, amidst picturesque canyon is situated Vallehermoso.

This beautiful town is located about 170 meters above sea level in the northern parts of the homonymous province with a population of less than 3,000 inhabitants.

No doubt this is the most charming village in the Canary Islands and one of the nicest places in Spain.

Vallehermoso is a typical provincial Spanish town with narrow, winding streets, creeping up the steep mountain slopes.

What Clothes to Wear?

vallehermoso la gomera
If you are planning to visit Vallehermoso, you have to bring your summer clothing in your luggage.

In the winter months during the period from December to March is better to wear an overcoat, because the winter nights are usually cool.

If you want to visit the mountainous forests, however, warm clothing is needed as temperatures significantly decreased in altitude.


vallehermoso garden of eden
Vallehermoso has a relatively cool tropical climate with pleasant summers and mild winters.

Summer temperatures reach to about 28 – 29°C in August and around 20°C in January.

Night temperatures are usually not less than 14 – 15°C even in winter.

Local climate conditions are influenced by the cold Canary Current, which maintains a constant ocean temperature between 18 and 23 degrees throughout the year.

Sights to See

close to vallehermoso
Everywhere there are small gardens, flowers and slender date palms.

The town is dominated by one or two storey stone houses, colored in fresh light shades and with charming tile roofs.

The air carries a lazy rural atmosphere permeated with the aroma of tropical plants.

Vallehermoso is a real culinary paradise.

This small town and the surrounding province are world famous for their unique palm honey and delicious bananas.

If you really want to immerse into the local environment, you must try fish with fresh and aromatic local vegetables.

This experience will not be completed without a glass of superb local wine.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, Vallehermoso is the perfect place for you.

Here you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and beautiful views even without to leave the town.

Vallehermoso is a small Garden of Eden, nestled amidst an impressive canyon, surrounded by mountain slopes.

Exotic plants and smiling sun are a real pleasure for all the senses.

Be sure to climb the mountain interior of the island.

Here is located the only rain forest in Europe.