Best Travel Tips to El Golfo, Lanzarote (For Your First Trip)

el golfo green lagoon

Located on the west coast of Lanzarote, El Golfo is a small town with low whitewashed houses, which stand out sharply against the surrounding landscape of black igneous rocks.

Although with a population of less than 200 people, the former fishing village is an attractive place for tourism, which every day attracts crowds of visitors.

The majority of tourists come here to see the unique Green Lagoon.

This is a rare phenomenon, which is located less than 5 minutes walk south of the town.

el golfo green lagoon

The lagoon was formed into the crater of a partially sunken and heavily eroded into amazing shapes coastal volcano.

Although a hundred meters away from the shore, it is constantly fed by the waters of the Atlantic that reach here through underground water tunnels.

Its surprisingly green color is the result of the existence of a kind of algae that have become masters of this small universe of stagnant salt water.

The wild nature in the vicinity of El Golfo is harsh and seemingly devoid of life.

The first impression, however, is misleading.

The black and semi-arid rocky landscape with light reddish hues in the area is actually covered by a wide variety of low herbaceous and shrub plants.

They are all very well adapted to the dry sunny weather and volcanic soil.

The root system of these species of plants is designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions and to take full advantage of the rare occasions when it rains.

The coastline of El Golfo looks like a diamond in the rough.

The landscape is very beautiful, yet harsh, raw and somewhat inhospitable.

The beach is black or dark gray, covered with small volcanic pebbles.

Since this place is located on the windward side of the island, the silver waters of the Atlantic rarely calm down completely.

However, cooling and almost constant winds make summers here fresh and very pleasant.