Best Travel Tips to La Santa, Lanzarote (For Your First Trip)

la santa lanzarote

La Santa is a fishing village with traditional Canarian character and small whitewashed houses.

Several fishing boats on the shore suggest that the fish-rich waters off the coast of Lanzarote are an important source of food and income for many residents.

La Santa has a population of less than 900 people.

If you take a walk around the town, the likelihood of meeting someone is very small, especially if you go out during the long midday siesta.


la santa lanzarote
La Santa is located on the windward northwestern side of Lanzarote.

The town enjoys a lovely sunny and dry weather, daytime temperatures ranging from 21 to 29°C throughout the year and very nice refreshing ocean breezes, stronger during the winter months.

La Santa receives usually between 30 and 50% of the average rainfall compared with mainland Spain.

Things to Do in La Santa

The town itself is situated on jagged cliffs, so there are no beaches.

North of La Santa is situated the resort La Santa Sport.

This is a well-known destination that attracts visitors mainly with its sports facilities – numerous tennis courts, large swimming pools, soccer fields and much more.

The place is attractive for lovers of cycling, jogging, water sports and many other types of intensive physical activity in general.

Major attraction is the large man-made lagoon with its artificial beaches with golden sand and constantly calm waters.

Outside the lagoon of La Santa Sport, however, the waves are huge and often dangerous, especially during the winter months, and this is what attracts many experienced and brave surfers from all around the world.