Best Travel Tips to Orzola, Lanzarote (For Your First Trip)

orzola lanzarote

Orzola is a fishing and resort village with a population of only 546 people in 2010.

It is situated at the northern tip of the island of Lanzarote, on the coast of the Atlantic.

Although it is far from the Mediterranean, Orzola can be described as a typical Mediterranean town.

Its small white houses and blue windows reminiscent of the traditional stone houses you can see in the Greek islands, and the slow and lethargic lifestyle will only strengthen that impression.

The settlement is always quiet, and the colorful boats of local fishermen slowly gyrate on the calm water surface of the harbor, protected by a large breakwater of black volcanic rock.


orzola lanzarote
Orzola is a year round tourist destination with mild, healthy and easy bearable climate.

The worst winter days bring pleasant temperatures of around 19 – 21°C.

The weather is usually quite dry and with scarce precipitations, although clouds appear quite often on the sky.

Summers are very nice, sunny and with no heat.

In the height of the season the average daytime temperature is normally around 27°C and is much more pleasant in comparison with the scorching heat along the Mediterranean coast.

Sights to See

The small village attracts tourists mainly with its beautiful lagoon, which is located a few hundred meters to the southeast.

It is very shallow, and its bottom is covered with very fine and gentle white sand.

Black volcanic rocks rise over the mirrored transparent surface, and their dark color contrasts the emerald water.

The lagoon is large and quite irregular in shape, so you will always find a quiet place just for you even in the busiest part of the year.

While enjoying the refreshing sea water with temperature between 19°C in January and 23°C in August, you will see an entire universe of small fish, crabs and other strange creatures.

But not only the lagoon attracts visitors.

To the southeast of the settlement, though more distant, are situated some wonderfully beautiful, yet idyllic paradise beaches.

Another major landmark in the area of Orzola is “Pardelas Park” – a park-farm located approximately a kilometer from the village.

The site offers a wide variety of attractions, options for entertainment and recreation as well as just great food.

According to many visitors, “Pardelas Park” is the best way to have a real and authentic Lanzarote experience, especially for families that travel with their children.