Best Travel Tips to Tenesar, Lanzarote (For Your First Trip)

agriculture near tenesar lanzarote

Tenesar a tiny and lonely fishing village nestled among the barren volcanic rocks on the northwest coast of Lanzarote.

Approaching the village by car, you’ll find that there are only three colors – black as the volcanic rocks, white as the small houses and dark blue as the sea.

The fishing settlement is constantly immersed in silence, and you can hear only the sound of the big waves that break into the rocks creating clouds of refreshing cool spray.

agriculture near tenesar lanzarote

On the shore of the village there is a small black beach.

There are no tourists to relax and sunbathe on the coast, and the landscape looks pretty harsh.

You’ll find only the colorful fishing boats of the locals.

Situated on the windward side of Lanzarote, the weather in Tenesar is usually pleasant throughout the year.

Summers are fresh with constantly blowing cool Atlantic winds and temperatures usually about 29°C in August.

Winters are quite mild and dry with temperatures mostly around 20°C.