Best Travel Tips to Montana Clara (Canary Islands)

montana clara canary islands

Montana Clara is the smallest Canary Island.

It occupies an area of only 1.33 square kilometers and is located 1.6 kilometers north of Isla Graciosa.

The island stretches up to around 2 km from north to south.

It is located at 29 degrees and 17 minutes north latitude.

montana clara canary islands

Montana Clara is a volcanic crater, rising to a height of about 256 meters over the surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

For the most part the slopes of the island are very steep and descend abruptly to the waters of the Atlantic.

The shores of Montana Clara are rocky and there are no beaches.

The island is almost completely devoid of vegetation.

Only in some places you can see dry grass and low bushes.

Montana Clara is a protected area and is part of the Parque Natural del Archipielago Chinijo, which covers the northwest coast of Lanzarote as well as most of the surrounding islands.

Montana Clara is uninhabited and some casual visitors are the only people you can meet here.

The climate of Montana Clara is tropical.

The weather is consistently sunny and dry with temperatures from 21 to 28°C throughout the year.