Best Travel Tips to Adeje, Tenerife (For Your First Trip)

mountain forest tenerife

Adeje is a small and extremely ordered city.

It is situated about 250 meters above the sea level and about 2.6 km from the west coast of Tenerife.

One of the most famous resorts on the island of Tenerife – Playa de Las Americas – is located at less then two kilometers from Adeje.

Although it is quite small and not located on the ocean coast, Adeje is very important for the tourism in this part of the island because it is located right at the foot of the steep mountains.

It is used as a reference point for anyone wishing to embark on exploring the wild nature of the island.


mountain forest tenerife
Adeje has warm tropical climate.

Temperatures range from 21°C in January and February to 27°C in August and September.

Here, rainfall usually increases by lowering of the temperature, but it is still never very abundant.

The year-round summer and attractive properties here attract buyers mostly from from northern Europe.

Things to Do in Adeje

adeje beautiful mountain forests
From here start many groups of tourists wishing to climb the steep slopes of this island, and the people who are curious to explore the deep and shady gorges of Tenerife.

The vegetation is scarce in the town of Adeje with the exception of certain dry-loving trees, palms and cacti.

Town itself is small so you can easily walk around every part of it.

The most interesting and enjoyable for walking is the main street of the town.

The buildings are low, colored in light hues.

This makes Adeje to look really cheerful and friendly place.

Adeje remoteness from the other settlements on the West Coast is not a disadvantage but rather priority because the transport links between the settlements are very regular.

Adeje is famous for the beautiful scenery it offers.

Most impressive is the surrounding landscape at sunset, when the massive mountain ranges of Tenerife is dyed in red and orange hues.

The surroundings are predominantly dry and rocky.

However, about 2.5 km north-east from the city there are lush and beautiful mountain forests.

The vegetation is mainly conifers.

The reason is that the climate conditions at higher altitudes differ significantly from those in the lower parts of Tenerife.