Best Travel Tips to Garachico, Tenerife (For Your First Trip)

garachico tenerife

Garachico is a small coastal town located in the northwestern part of the island of Tenerife.

It is the center of a small municipality with a population of nearly 5600 people.

The village is nestled in a narrow valley between the Atlantic coast and the impressive volcanic cliffs that, with a height of more than 500 meters, rise spectacularly over the town.

Garachico is practically devoid of sandy shoreline with the exception of two beaches, which are covered with black volcanic pebbles – one in the eastern part of the city close to the port and a smaller one in the west.


garachico tenerife
The city enjoys extremely fresh air and very pleasant spring-like weather throughout the year.

The average daytime temperature in this part of Tenerife varies between 16 and 25°C.

Generally, the weather is never too cold or hot.

Because of their great climatic conditions, Garachico and some other neighbouring towns and villages in the region are known as the “Land of Eternal Spring”.

Unlike the dry, cloudless and warm south of Tenerife, it rains a lot in Garachico.

The average number of rainy days is between 10 and 14 per month depending on the season.

Unlike the southern coast, which is only a few miles away, the beach season in Garachico doesn’t last 12 months a year.

Usually the period between June and October offers a large number days that are nice and warm enough to swim, although even in the midst of winter are possible plenty of sunshine and pleasant, sometimes even hot temperatures.

Things to Do in Garachico

Garachico is an interesting place to explore for culture lovers, as they will experience the authentic Canarian spirit from the years before the island became an international tourist center.

There is still a number of quiet and peaceful cobblestone streets, small family restaurants offering traditional island cuisine and delicious fish dishes, small churches and old Spanish-style buildings.

Today Garachico is still away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Canarian resorts and is known as one of the most secluded villages of the island.

Even during the busiest months, here you will find more peace and quiet than you have ever needed.

Most of the coastline of Garachico is a combination of rugged rocks, black igneous stones, big waves and snow-white meerschaum.

However, in several places along the coast you will find typical Canarian natural swimming pools carved directly into the rocks and filled with seawater.

As it is on many other places along the north coast of Tenerife, near Garachico you will find vast banana plantations.

The biggest attractions of the town are the castle of San Miguel (Castillo de San Miguel), which was built of volcanic stone in the second half of the 16th century, the famous Plaza Juan González de la Torre and the Monastery of San Francisco.

Eruption of Trevejo

Undoubtedly, the worst moment in the history of Garachico is the catastrophic eruption of the volcano of Trevejo in 1706.

It poured out huge amounts of lava, causing serious damages in the area.

The deadly lava flow destroyed completely the port, leaving many people without livelihood and dooming them to poverty.

The ambitious local residents were able to revive the city and rebuild the devastated port, but Garachico have never fully recovered the glory and economic importance of the period before the fatal disaster.