Best Travel Tips to Loro Park (Tenerife)

loro park tenerife

Founded in 1972, Loro Park has welcomed visitors for more than four decades.

Over the years the park has been visited by over 40 million local and foreign tourists.

Loro Park is located on the northern coast of Tenerife, the largest island in the archipelago.

It is located west of Puerto de La Cruz, not far from the city and very close to Punta Brava.

Loro Park offers an amazing variety of marine and terrestrial creatures as well as an impressive variety of birds.

loro park tenerife

Once known as the largest parrot park in the world, today parrots are just a small part of the great biodiversity of the park.

Here you will find gorillas, leopards, tigers, black panthers, crocodiles, penguins, pink flamingos and other exotic tropical birds and many other species.

Loro Park deserves its glory of one of the best zoos in Europe, and probably the most fascinating part of your visitation will be the exciting killer whales show.

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Despite its fame as an attractive place for entertainment and fun, Loro Park is not spared from some fatal accidents.

In 2009, on the night of Christmas Eve, the 29-year-old employee of the park, Alex Martinez, died after spending two and a half minutes on the bottom of the pool with an orca.

The autopsy revealed that the man probably died as a result of multiple injuries caused by the killer whale.

In the history of the park there are also some other incidents involving killer whales, but perhaps this is the most frightening.

Though several attacks by orcas on humans that work in the park have happened over the years, day by day numerous visitors can’t wait to enjoy the incredible show programs with dolphins and orcas.

These sea creatures definitely show very high intelligence, and this is very exciting for the visitors.

loro park puerto de la cruz

Loro Park offers a very pleasant atmosphere.

It is a place where one could spend hours enjoying the fresh ocean air and park’s countless attractions.

The park is literally immersed in lush tropical vegetation, and you can hear birds singing around constantly, which creates the feeling as you are in a tropical jungle.

Besides animals from around the world, here you can find a wide variety of plant species from all over the planet, which are perfectly adapted to the mild weather in this part of Tenerife.

Among the major attractions of the park is the beautiful Thai Village, which creates an extraordinary feeling of calm and peace.

If you come by car or tourist bus from the other side of the island, the park offers a large and comfortable parking.

Loro park is open 8:30 am to 6:45 pm every day.