Acantilado de los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago and Playa de La Arena

los gigantes tenerife

Acantilado de los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago and Playa de La Arena (as they are arranged in a direction from north to south) are three small tourist towns located in the northern part of the west coast of Tenerife.

Between them there are practically no borders as these three resorts have merged completely in the course of time.

For the visitors it is difficult to understand when they leave for example Los Gigantes and when enter into Puerto de Santiago or La Arena.


los gigantes tenerife
Los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago and Playa de La Arena have dry and warm tropical climate.

Rainfall is scarce.

Temperatures throughout the year are over 20°C.

Even during the coldest days of January and February the sun shines with full force, the beaches are full, around the pools is bustling with life and all around the resort streets walk people dressed only in swimsuit or light summer clothes.

The sky is often partly cloudy, but generally the chances of rainfall here are insignificant.

Atlantic helps to Los Gigantes and its neighbors to avoid the typical tropical summer heat.

In summer, usually temperatures are less than 30°C.

The second half of the year is warmer.

However, here the winter is the most attractive tourist season, because it is warm without being too hot.


playa de la arena canary islands
In most places here the shores are rocky.

However, if you are lover of the beautiful beaches, swimming and sunbathing maybe you will like most the resort of Playa de La Arena.

Here is the beach of the same name, which is among the most popular on the island.

It is famous for its unique black volcanic sand.

Around the beach are planted numerous date and coconut palms, which contribute to the feeling of exoticism.

Once you leave the beach most likely you will be hungry and tired.

Then at your disposal are numerous attractive restaurants along the coast.

And do not forget that here in the tropics the sun is stronger and it is possible to burn your skin faster.

You have to use your sunscreen cream even when you are just going for a walk.

Things to Do

mountains of tenerife
Acantilado de los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago and Playa de la Arena are extremely attractive place for tourism.

The mini-agglomeration has high quality infrastructure.

Everything looks beautiful with no matter whether villas, hotels or anything else.

On the streets there is a lot of greenness – mostly various types palms.

For Playa de La Arena and the other two resorts are typical winding streets, which in a zigzag quickly reach of the higher altitudes of the island.

Typical feature of the local architecture are the terraced hotels where each floor is a different step.

This type of construction not only is fully consistent with the characteristics of the local relief, but also allows each hotel room to offers magnificent ocean view.

This tourist agglomeration is a very attractive place not only for tourism, but also to invest in a real estate.

In recent years the number of foreigners grows rapidly.

Usually Britons and Germans are the biggest investors in properties here.

Attractive for them are the warm climate and exotic nature.

If you stand on the shore of Playa de La Arena or any of the other two resorts in front of you will reveal a beautiful view of the island of La Gomera.

It seems very mysterious, because usually most of it is shrouded by fog and clouds.

One of the major attractions here are the boat trips in the ocean.

Usually, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the dolphins who love to swim around the boat.

The cool waters in the region are very rich in fish and this fact attracts these intelligent mammals here.

Vicinity of Acantilado de los Gigantes, Puerto de Santiago and Playa de La Arena

black rocks on the west coast of tenerife
North of Los Gigantes the coast of the island is very steep and inaccessible.

Dark brown volcanic cliffs descend vertically to the ocean.

In a few places are formed small and inaccessible beaches covered with black volcanic stones.

This is perhaps one of the most picturesque parts of the Canary archipelago.

Los Gigantes offers the most imposing and impressive views to the steep rocks.

The coast on the north of Los Gigantes will take your breath away.

North of these three resorts along the coast the vegetation is sparse and in some places even completely lack.

Usually grow mainly shrubs and cacti.

South of the three resorts in particular Playa de La Arena the landscape is quite different.

Cliffs give way to vast banana plantations.

One of the main tasks of the exotic plants is to retain moisture coming from the Atlantic Ocean and to increase the humidity of the island.