Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje, Tenerife

playa de las americas los cristianos

Playa de Las Americas is the most famous and fashionable resort on the island of Tenerife and one of the most popular in Europe.

In recent years, it even managed to beat Puerto de La Cruz in the fight for foreign tourists.

We can call this region „The Canary Riviera” because of the beauty and unlimited opportunities for fun and entertainment.

Playa de Las Americas is composed of three distinct resort towns, which over the circumstances have together become one.

These are Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje and of course the most famous of all – Playa de Las Americas.


coconut palms tenerife
Playa de Las Americas enjoys year round warm tropical climate – temperatures are between 21 and 30°C throughout the year.

The weather is mostly dry and rainfall is scarce.

Clouds appear often, but rarely rains.

Active tourist season here is winter, when tourists craving for sun come here from all over Europe and North America.

With temperatures around and above 21°C in January and February local conditions are ideal for swimming in the sea and sunbathing.

Just imagine that while the majority of Europe is covered with fluffy snow, the beaches here are crowded with visitors.

Very often, the Canary Islands are said to have the most healthy climate, as it does not put through the test the capacity of the human body.

Beaches of Playa de Las Americas

playa de las americas tenerife
The beaches in this part of Tenerife are one of the most beautiful of the Canary Islands.

Unlike most of the beaches in the archipelago these in Las Americas are covered not with black stones, but with fine sand.

The colour varies – some are beige and other have brown nuances.

Almost all the beaches are protected of stone made barrier designed to break the waves and to protect the coast from them.

The beautiful beaches in the region are in close proximity to each other between Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos along the approximately 8.5 km long coastal area.

Things to Do

playa de las americas los cristianos
This is extremely beautiful and attractive place as befits for a destination of world class.

Right after your arrival you will notice that everything is built with a lot of style and taste, and the infrastructure is one of the finest in Europe.

The buildings are very beautiful and perhaps the secret lies in the fact that everything seems completely new.

And this applies not only to the hotels – the same applies to the residential buildings and houses of people who live here.

It is very difficult and even almost impossible to find a building without a swimming pool.

Despite the dry climate the city remain to a botanical garden.

tenerife riviera

There are many different types of tropical plants – trees, shrubs, flowers and palms.

Successfully are grown even coconut palms, which are extremely demanding of the climate conditions.

Interestingly, the locals have managed to make this otherwise dry and devoid of vegetation part of the island into a real paradise.

On the coast of Costa Adeje you will find beautiful and modern yacht marina.

In Playa de Las Americas the hotels are luxurious and the quality of service is very high, since the inhabitants of the Canary Islands have a long tradition in this field.

For the lovers of water amusements are available not only beautiful beaches and swimming pools, but also a superb water park, located in Costa Adeje.

Excellent opportunities are there also for golfers.

A little more than a half kilometer from the beautiful beaches of Playa de Las Americas is an excellent golf course, which will please to the fans of this rich man’s sport.

The outskirts of Playa de Las Americas

playa de las americas tropical paradise
The outskirts of Playa de Las Americas are mostly dry.

There grows mainly dry loving tropical vegetation.

There are a huge variety of cacti, some of which are quite high and even exceed 2 meters.

From the fruits of some cacti species locals prepare delicious jam with a reddish color.

In the vicinity of this world famous resort you will also find and banana plantations.

Such plantations as it is in other parts of Tenerife are intended primarily to retain and maintain the level of humidity.

Close to Las Americas there are many small villages and sometimes reveal even separate houses situated amidst the semi desert landscape.