Best Travel Tips to Mount Teide, Tenerife (For Your First Trip)

teide the highest peak of spain

Mount Teide is the highest point in Spain and the highest volcano on the European continent.

Even the notorious volcano Etna on the Italian island of Sicily can not compete with it.

It is located on the Canary island of Tenerife at 28° north latitude and 16° west longitude (i.e in the northern and western hemisphere).

It rises to a height of 3718 meters above the Atlantic Ocean.

The first eruption of Teide was before about 180,000 years and the last – in 1909th.

Today the volcano is dormant, but not extinct.

teide the highest peak of spain

It is believed that future eruptions are possible, although no one could predict when that will happen (if it happens).

Teide is covered with snow during the winter months.

In the summer the hot tropical sun succeeds to warm the rocks and melt the snow.

When the snow cover disappears completely the bare volcanic rocks appear under it.

Quite typical here are the bright yellow or greenish hues that sulfur gives to the rocks.

Vegetation here is almost entirely missing.

An exceptions are some unpretentious cacti and shrubs.

Mount Teide is important both for the economy of Tenerife, and the natural and climatic conditions.

It plays the role of an important tourist destination.

Here comes regularly large groups of tourists who tremble with excitement at the thought of sight, which will reveal before their eyes from the top of this volcano.

Because of its altitude Teide attracts water vapor to itself and this affects positively the precipitation that falls in the lower parts of the island.

If you want to see what Teide represent from below you have to know that in fact the volcano is almost always covered in clouds and vapors.

Usually most spectacular is the view when over the entire island of Tenerife the weather is cloudy.

If you climb Teide at this time you will enjoy to a sea of clouds, under which is hidden the island and around you will probably have a plenty of sun shine!

The view is just like in heaven.

The reason lies in the fact that because of its altitude the volcano often remains above the clouds.