Polar (arctic) climate zone

polar bear

The polar (arctic) climate zone occupies the ice caps of the planet.

The temperatures are negative all year round.

In the South hemisphere this climate zone occupies the all territory of Antarctica and in the North hemisphere occupies the Arctic ocean.

The conditions of life are exceptionally hard.

Because of this reason, these areas are unpopulated.

For example in Antarctica people can be found only in the research bases, but they don’t live there all year around.

Because of the fact, that our planet has permanent tilt of 23.5°, we can observe the occurrence of the polar day and the polar night, that continue six months each.

Mount Erebus Antarctica

In the polar day the sun is never set beyond the horizon.

During the polar night, just the contrary – it is never rise.

In the winter the temperatures can drop to -40 °C – -50 °C, but sometimes even to -70 °C.

In the summer months the temperatures can reach 0 °C.

The precipitations are scanty and falling as snow.

Arctic Desert

Though the conditions are unusually hard and unbearable, the polar climate zones are paradise for some species as incredible large colonies of penguins in Antarctica and the polar bear, polar fox, seal, walrus and so on living in Arctic.

The polar areas are most affected as a result of the global warming.

The polar caps are thawing.

This create dangerous of rising of the sea level.

This can exterminate the habitat of many species, that are in danger and rare.

polar bear

In the 80es years of the 20th century have found, that the ozone stratum above the Arctic and Antarctica is missing!

The ozone stratum has annihilated, because of the carbon liberated in the atmosphere.

The ozone stratum is of great importance for the life of the planet.

It is the only barrier on the way of the deadly ultraviolet rays, coming to the planet Earth.

We have to do everything that is possible to save the polar caps, because our planet is one perfectly worked mechanism.

If only one link of this mechanism be destroyed, this would change beyond unrecognizable the all our planet.