Temperate climate zone

autumn in temperate climate zone

The temperate climate zone occupies large territories of our planet, mainly in the North hemisphere.

It occupies big parts of North America (USA and Canada), Europe and Asia. In the South hemisphere it has limited spreading.

It can be found in the southern most parts of South America, Tasmania and the South island of New Zealand.

In the conditions of temperate climate we can see, that there are four different seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn.

autumn in temperate climate zone

According to the distance of the large water sheets, we can differentiate two types of temperate climate – oceanic and continental.

The continental climate has cold winter and hot summer.

The difference between summer and winter temperatures can reach 40 °C and even more.

The continental type of this climate can be found in the central parts of North America, East Europe and Asia.

The other type of the temperate climate is oceanic.

It can be found on the West coast of North America, West Europe and the South island of New Zealand.

The most famous with its oceanic climate is Great Britain.

For example in London in January the temperature is between 5 and 10 °C and in July – between 20 and 25 °C.

green forest in europe

The weather is rainy and cloudy, but mild.

For example New York, which has continental climate, often has extremely cold winters with snowstorms and temperatures -10 °C and sometimes even lower.

In the same time the summer temperatures can reach 40 °C.

In the temperate climate zone, is concentrated big part of the world population, because it is easy bearable by the human.

In these latitudes are some of the world’s famous cities – New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Chicago, Toronto and so on.

In this climate zone has great diversity of plant species.

It is present mainly of broad – leaved, deciduous species and coniferous threes.

temperate climate in usa

But in some parts of the world can be found wide territories covered by grassy plants – the steppes (known also as prairies).

The steppe occupies wide area of the central USA and Canada, as well as big parts of Ukraine and so on.

The animal species are present of bear, wolf, fox, deer, puma, wild cat, jackal, tiger (Asia).

Some animals (for example bears) are adapted for the temperate climate, spending the cold months of the winter in hibernation.

This is a good decision, because the bear is large animal and it needs a huge quantity of food, but the forests in the winter months don’t offer many opportunities for abundant nutrition.