Agia (Ayia) Napa, Cyprus

Nissi Beach from above

Agia Napa is a small town with a population of about 3000 people. It is located in southeastern Cyprus. It is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean and because of this fact it is a world famous tourist destination. The sand is white and the waters are crystal clear. The most beautiful and popular beach is Nissi Beach. It is located in a small picturesque bay in the west of Agia Napa.

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa by CTO Zurich

This place may reasonably be called „Cypriot Riviera“, as here except the beautiful beaches and exotic subtropical nature you will find amazingly wide variety of cafes, restaurants and hotels. Because of this reason Agia Napa develops a modern and competitive tourist industry.

Climate of Agia Napa. Ayia Napa has vary hot subtropical climate. The place is situated at one of the sunniest and hottest points in Cyprus and the Mediterranean.

Summers are long, hot and dry, spring and autumn practically gone, and the mild and wet winter is so short that passes before you can say a knife.

Places such as Agia Napa spread the fame of the Mediterranean all around the world as one of the places with the most beautiful climate.

The summer tourist season in Agia Napa is among the longest in the world (for example the rainy season on the Caribbean Islands lasts about six months).

Agia Napa Monastery

Agia Napa Monastery by CTO Zurich

The island enjoys a sunny and warm weather from early March to late November, i.e nine months when the weather is perfect for the beach.

The truth is that even in December there are some days that are ideal for sunbathing, although if you travel in Ayia Napa during this part of the year you should not expect so good weather as it is during the months from March to November.

Of course, in March, the sea water is still cool, so it is more suitable for sunbathing, and the water attracts only some visitors who are more resistant to the cold.

Yet even in January the water does not get colder than 10°C so it does not need much time to get warm again. Traditionally Andalucia is regarded to be the warmest place in Europe, although the island of Cyprus in no way inferior in this respect, and sometimes even superior.

With average daily temperatures of about 15 – 16°C in January, the value are the same as it is in Andalusia.

One of the differences is that in Agia Napa sea water during the winter is warmer and therefore Agia Napa receive bigger quantity of rain in comparison with Andalucia. For the summers there is nothing to talk about.

Temperatures in Ayia Napa from early May to late September are over 30°C and during July and August can reach even 37 – 38°C. Otherwise, average daytime temperatures are less than 20°C only in December, January and February.

Nissi Beach from aboveThe underwater world of Agia Napa. Few people know that the island of Cyprus has coral reefs. Here grow species of deep corals that you can find in other Mediterranean countries such as Italy for example.

They differ from these types of corals that are prevalent in the Caribbean or South Pacific.

In fact, the Mediterranean is not habitat  for tropical coral species that are so typical for other parts of the world, but in contrast, there are other species that are less familiar but no less interesting.

Unlike the tropical corals, these are not so dependent from the intensive sun shining, because they develop at greater depth.

This, combined with the warm waters of the eastern Mediterranean made the island an ideal place for the development of these capricious organisms.

Coral reefs in the vicinity of Agia Napa are place where underwater life is booming. If you travel to Agia Napa you with certainly have to dive into the limpid waters and to enjoy the great underwater world of the island.

What kind of tourists visit Ayia (Agia) Napa? Agia Napa is visited mainly by young tourists and families from all over the world, but the location really favourite to the British tourists.

There are many reasons, but one of them with certainly is that English is almost a second mother language of the locals. In addition to British tourists, Agia Napa is a favourite and to the Russians.

What’s more enjoyable than to lounge of the fine sand and to enjoy the warm sun and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, while Russia is frost-bounded by the winter cold?

Makronissos Beach

Makronissos Beach by CTO Zurich

Interesting about Agia Napa. The name of the resort town means “Holy Valley”. Today the place is sacred for lovers of tourism, entertainment and unstoppable coupons.

It is one of the world capitals of parties and summer fun. Watching all this is surprising that only a few decades ago Ayia Napa was not nothing else but a small fishing village.

Today many visitors love it so much that they establish on the island permanently.

Property in Agia Napa. The atmosphere of this island is indescribable. For this reason, many people that have already come here are interested from buying properties in the area.

Who would not have dreamed of a luxurious villa with swimming pool, garden with palm trees and other evergreen trees? And all this combined with a unique Mediterranean style and slightly oriental look.

Opportunities for entertainment in Agia Napa. Here the main attractions are the numerous restaurants, cafes and clubs where the party never stops.

You should not miss also The Waterpark Waterworld. This is an aqua park, located in the western outskirts of Agia Napa. Water is a really good solution for outdoor entertainment in the summer heat exceeding 40 degrees at noon.

The former fishing village of Agia Napa is not as famous for its architectural treasures such as Paphos for example.

Yet, as it is in many other places on the shores of the Mediterranean, in Agia Napa there are also interesting buildings to see.

The biggest architectural landmark in the area is the monastery of Agia Napa. Under the hot and bright sun shine the monastery seems coloured in very gentle beige shades.

What clothes to wear when traveling in Agia (Ayia) Napa? In December, January and February the weather is spring like. It changes frequently and vary from cool to warm.

Typically, this season is rainy. For this season is best to prepare your spring clothes – neither too warm nor too thin. Thick winter jacket probably will not be needed, unless you plan to jump off to Troodos Mountains, which are not only cold but also covered with snow.

In March and April days are very warm, sometimes hot, so the summer clothes are adequate for this season. For night time you can wear a lighter coat (anorak or jacket).

From May to late October there is no danger to become cool even at night. For these months the rule is “the lighter clothing is better.”

In November days are still very warm, sometimes even hot. The nights start cooling and a light coat will not be redundant if you’re a fen of the night life.