Best Travel Tips to Nicosia District, Cyprus (For Your First Trip)

nicosia district

Nicosia District (also called Lefkosia District) covers mainly the central part of the island of Cyprus.

It includes the bigger part of the Troodos Mountains and the fertile Mesaoria Valley.

To the north Nicosia District lies beyond the buffer line guarded by UN peacekeepers and covers the southeastern part of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Nicosia District is bordered by all five districts of the island – Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Famagusta and Kyrenia.

nicosia district

Nicosia District’s natural world is quite diverse.

It includes both extensive flat fertile farmlands and mountain areas covered with coniferous forests.

To the west the district reaches the Mediterranean Sea.

Most of the coastline falls within the TRNC.

The climate in the district of Nicosia is very dry and hot, with higher summer temperatures and cooler winters than other areas in Cyprus.

Nicosia District economy is highly developed.

The city relies heavily on the service sector (banking, finance, education).

Outside the capital the most important sector is agriculture.

Tourism is not so developed compared to other areas of Cyprus.

The population is very unevenly distributed throughout the area and is almost entirely concentrated in the large capital city of Nicosia.