The Kyrenia Mountains (Cyprus)

kyrenia mountains view

The Kyrenia Mountains are the second largest mountain range on the island of Cyprus.

It stretches along the northern shore of the island and falls entirely within the borders of the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

It has a narrow and strongly elongated shape.

With a total length of nearly 160 km and a width of less than 2 km, the mountain range crosses the districts of Kyrenia and Famagusta reaching the famous Karpas Peninsula to the east.


kyrenia mountains view
The Kyrenia Mountain Range separates the capital Nicosia from the green and fertile northern coast of the island.

The northern slope is covered with green Mediterranean vegetation, while the southern slopes are comparatively dry and covered with dry shrubs and grasses.

With a height of 1,024 metres, the mountain is high enough to has its own micro climate and to affect the climate in the interior of the island.

A number of exciting tourist trails cross the heavily forested with coniferous species of trees high-lying parts of the Kyrenia Mountains.

For this reason, the mountain is an attractive place for hikers who want to enjoy the unspoiled Mediterranean nature just a few kilometers away from the charming tourist center of Kyrenia on the northern coast.

While walking around, you can see some amazing local creatures.

One of the most interesting representative of the local fauna is the wild donkey.

It can be seen mostly in the eastern parts of the mountain, in the Karpas peninsula.

Walking around, you will be just astonished by the great variety of birds, including falcons, hummingbirds and a large number of birds that come to spend the cold winter months here.

The mountain range is visible from afar and makes the northern coast of Cyprus picturesque and different.

While lying on the beach, you will have an amazing view toward the Kyrenia Mountains and its green slopes.