Best Travel Tips to Akamas National Park (Cyprus)

akamas national park

Akamas National Park is located on the territory of the homonymous Akamas Peninsula, in the northwestern part of Cyprus.

The park falls within the Paphos district and covers an area of about 230 square kilometers.

Occupies a hilly area covered with Mediterranean vegetation (forests and shrubs), with 39 different endemic species of plants.

Akamas National Park is one of the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean island.

Here, away from the busiest tourist routes, you will find some of the biggest attractions in Cyprus such as the golden Lara Beach, the shady Avakas Gorge, the world famous Baths of Aphrodite and the Blue Lagoon with its limpid waters.

akamas national park

The park offers very pleasant hiking trails, where you can walk for hours enjoying the wildlife, clean air and quietness.

Shady forest trails alternate with sunny meadows covered with colorful wild flowers.

Along the coast you will find dozens of secluded empty coves with crystal clear waters.

The sea bottom is covered with small pebbles, so waters are clean and transparent as a swimming pool.

The pristine deep-blue Mediterranean Sea is home to a wide variety of amazing creatures, including sea turtles and dolphins.

The wildlife of Akamas is charming.

Here you will find a wide variety of birds, lizards, rodents and insects, including more than 10 species of amazingly beautiful butterflies.

Akamas National Park is also home of wild goats, which can be seen to climb the hill slopes or standing on their back legs to eat green leaves from the trees.

Akamas National Park is very exciting for safari tourism.

It is advisable to join one of these tours to make sure that you will see the most important landmarks in the area.

If you are more active, then it is good to know that Akamas is very attractive for cycling.

Just be careful with the sun – during the summer season the heat is often unbearable, so it is better to select the autumn months.

The other option is just to take a walk in the late afternoon when the heat gives way to the refreshing sea breeze and pleasant coolness.