Weather in Cyprus (in April)

View from Old Pissouri Village

April in Cyprus is a wonderful month that combines spring freshness and almost summer weather.

The month brings average daytime temperatures of around 22 – 23°C, plenty of sunshine and scarce rainfall reaching only to about 18 mm in the coastal areas.

Some days are quite warm with temperatures reaching to about 30°C.

The number of rainy days in April is only about 3 or 4 on average. Compared to March, the average night time temperature is higher and usually reaches about 13°C at its lowest point early in the morning.

View from Old Pissouri Village
View from Old Pissouri Village by Andrew Hurley

If you are planning to visit Cyprus in April, you will need to put in your suitcase some typical summer clothing.

For the late evening hours, however, it is recommended to have also a coat or a light jacket near at hand as well as a pair of jeans as it is possible to become a bit cold.

The climate in the Troodos Mountains is closer to that in the temperate climate zone.

The temperature in April is usually up to about 15°C.

The average night time temperature even at this time of the year fall to 5-6 degrees.

The seawater temperature in April in Cyprus is still cool, about 18 – 19°C along the coast of Ayia Napa.

However, thanks to the wonderful warm and sunny weather, April is considered the beginning of the summer season in Cyprus.

The number of tourists grows rapidly, and the beaches start to attract a lot of visitors, although not everyone is brave enough to bathe into the cool water.

Probably this is not the best season for the perfect summer holiday in Cyprus, but definitely this is one of the very few places in Europe to see people on the beach in April.