Weather in Cyprus (in December)

Lefkosa, TRNC

December brings in the coastal area of Cyprus variable weather with about 7 to 10 rainy days on average.

When it rains it usually pours. In most cases the rainfall is short-term and heavy, although sometimes it rains two or three days in a row!

In fact, December is the wettest month of the year, and the weather can be quite unpredictable.

December marks the beginning of the winter season in Cyprus.

The average daytime temperature in the coastal area of the island in usually around 18 – 19°C.

Lefkosa, TRNC
Lefkosa, TRNC by Sergey Galyonkin

However, some days, especially during the first decade of the month, enjoy quite pleasant temperatures of around 25°C.

In such a warm day, even if only at noon and for a while, the weather reminds of summer.

Nights are cool, sometimes cold, with temperatures around 9 – 10 °C.

Due to the weaker influence of the Mediterranean Sea, temperatures are about 1 or 2 degrees cooler inside the island.

Nights are also relatively cold, and the temperature usually falls to about 7°C.

The weather in the mountains of Cyprus in December is cold.

At an altitude between 1000 and 1500 m the average daytime temperature is no more than 8°C.

Nights are cold with temperatures usually around 2 or 3 degrees but are sometimes frosty.

Heavy snowfalls are absolutely possible.

The average amount of precipitation in the mountains is double compared to the coast.

Definitely December is not the ideal month for a summer holiday in Cyprus.

However, the coastal resorts still enjoy a few pleasant days for the beach.

Warm days are possible even at Christmas, though more often occur during the first half of the month.

The sea water temperature is about 19 – 20°C and still suitable for bathing and swimming.

However, most days are cool and rainy, so if you wish to visit Cyprus for a sea holiday, it is recommended to choose a different month, for example October.