Weather in Cyprus (in June)

summer beach cyprus

The weather in Cyprus in June is very hot, and the temperature in the different parts of the island varies in a wide range.

Along the coast, due to the cooling sea breeze, temperatures are between 28 and 31°C.

The interior of the island experiences warmer weather as it is lesser-influenced of the Mediterranean Sea.

For example the average daytime temperature in the capital Nicosia is usually around 35°C.

The night time temperature across the island is quite high too and varies between 18 and 22°C on average.

The chance of rainfall in June is very low.

summer beach cyprus
Summer beach in Cyprus by Michael Thomas

Usually the number of rainy days is 0 or 1. Light summer clothing is recommended, including at night.

The weather in the mountains of Cyprus is very nice in June.

The daytime temperature at an altitude above 1000 meters is around 25°C.

Nights are pleasantly warm with temperatures around 15 – 16°C.

The mountain offers great conditions to escape the high temperatures along the coast and in the low-lying parts of the island as a whole.

The seawater along the coast of Cyprus in June is very warm and pleasant with a temperature of about 24 – 25°C. The beaches are crowded with tourists.

It is advisable to be careful with the sun, especially during the hottest midday hours!

If you want to enjoy the beach but also to avoid the dangerous sun rays, it is recommended to choose the cooler hours early in the morning or in the late afternoon.