Weather in Cyprus (in March)

Paphos in March

March is a typical spring month in Cyprus.

It brings still cold weather in the mountains but pleasant average daytime temperatures of around 18 – 20°C along the coast.

The month as a whole is still variable, and the temperature sometimes vary a lot from one day to another.

Some days are still relatively cool and rainy and reminiscent of the winter season, while other days bring temperatures at noon up to about 25 – 28°C.

Paphos in March
Paphos in March by Alan Samuel

In contrast to the nice and warm days, nights are relatively cool with temperatures of around 10°C.

Most days at noon are warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt.

At night, however, you still need a warm jacket.

In fact, March, is an off-season month in Cyprus, and the reason is that the warm weather is still not guaranteed.

The quantity of rain that falls in March over the island usually decreases by 1/2 compared to February and reaches about 35 mm in the southern and southwestern coastal area of the island (Limassol and Paphos).

The number of days with precipitation reaches about 5-6 on average.

Usually when it rains the precipitation is very intense and accompanied by thunders, followed shortly thereafter by clear and cloudless sky.

The chance of thunderstorms is generally bigger in the second half of the month.

Though in March there is an increasing number of very warm days, the temperature of the sea water along the coast of Cyprus is still only 17 – 18°C.

For this reason, bathing or swimming into the sea would be quite uncomfortable.

However, at noon, especially in the second half of the month, there are some wonderful days for sunbathing or lounging poolside.