Weather in Cyprus (in November)

Coral Bay, Paphos

November brings in Cyprus slightly cooler temperatures in comparison with the previous months.

However, it is still a nice summer month with warm and lovely weather.

The average daytime temperature in the coastal cities is 22 – 24°C on average, but it often reaches higher values of about 27°C.

The nights are cool with a temperature of about 12 – 14°C.

Summer clothing is perfectly suitable during the day, but at night it is good to have a jacket near at hand.

One of the best aspects of November is that you can take advantage of the warmest and sunniest hours of the day for long walks and outdoor activities without the sun and heat to torment you too much.

Coral Bay, Paphos
Coral Bay, Paphos by Tobias Van Der Elst

The weather inside of Cyprus is similar – warm and nice during the day and cool at night.

The daytime temperature in the capital Nicosia is about 22 – 23°C and drops to about 10 – 11°C at night.

What distinguishes November from the previous few months is the considerably larger amount of precipitation.

In different parts of the island it varies between 45 and 80 millimeters, higher in the mountains.

The number of days with precipitation increases too, and in November they are already about 5 – 6 on average, in the mountains about 7.

The Cyprus mountain weather is quite cool in November and reminds of the temperate latitudes in mainland Europe.

The average daytime temperature at a height between 1000 and 1500 m is about 12 – 13°C.

Nights are quite cool, even cold, with temperatures of about 6°C.

The weather in Cyprus is still very nice for the beach throughout November.

The sun sets very early compared to the summer months, but the sea water is still warm with temperatures of about 22 – 23°C.

Many people prefer this month for swimming and sunbathing, because the sun’s rays are less burning than in July and August.