Weather in Cyprus (in October)

paphos seaside

October is the month with the best weather in Cyprus.

This is the most preferred and recommended part of the year to spend a great holiday in the island country.

October brings a lovely summer weather with daytime temperatures around 27 – 29°C in the coastal cities.

The weather is still very warm but not too hot.

The sunshine is in abundance, and the number of rainy days is only about 2 or 3.

The average night time temperature is very pleasant, mostly about 17°C.

Summer clothing is recommended.

paphos seaside
Paphos seaside by Mike Fleming

Inside the island the weather is also very warm and nice.

In fact, it doesn’t differ significantly from the coastal areas.

The temperature during the day is about 29°C.

Nights are mild with temperatures around 16°C.

The number of days with precipitation is approximately 2 or 3.

October brings a fresh and pleasant spring-like weather in the mountains of Cyprus.

If you find the coast too warm, you can always enjoy some pleasant coolness in the Troodos Mountains, just a few kilometers from the sea.

At an altitude between 1000 and 1500 meters above sea level the daytime temperature is around 19 – 20°C.

With temperatures of about 10 – 12°C, nights are cooler in comparison with the previous few months.

If you want to stroll through the high-lying forests of Cyprus is good to have a light jacket or anorak near at hand during the day and long jeans in the evening and at night.

October offers the most pleasant weather for the perfect beach holiday on the island of Cyprus.

The sea water temperature is ideal – about 25°C.

The sun is very warm and pleasant but not as strong as in July and August.

Here is the place to remind you not to forget about your sunscreen, because the sun can burn your skin even in October.

The beaches of Cyprus are still full of visitors but not as crowded as in midsummer.