Best Travel Tips to Denmark in 2019 (For Your First Trip)

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Denmark is among the richest countries in the world.

It is famous for its extremely well-developed social system.

It is a land of prosperity and this is the result of decades of proper policies and a modern market economy.

Today this country is away from the problems of the modern world.

Denmark is a good example of stability and prosperity not only for countries from all around the world, but also for its rich European partners.

Moreover, the local economy is among the greenest and the country is a world leader in renewable energy.

When to Visit Denmark?

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The best time of year to visit Denmark is from late June to late August.

This is the period of highest temperatures and sunniest weather.

In this part of the year you can spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy the freshness of nature.

What Clothes to Wear in Denmark?

little mermaide denmark
Light summer clothing is needed if you are planning to travel during the period of July and August.

However, even if you have planned to visit this country at the height of summer, do not forget to put in your luggage jeans and light jacket or anorak.

Sometimes it is cool even in July, especially at night.


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Denmark has a cool temperate oceanic climate.

Although the country is located quite north, winters here are relatively mild.

In January, daytime temperatures are between 0 and 2°C.

Under the influence of cool ocean air masses, however, summers here are usually quite cool with temperatures between 20 and 22°C.

During the winter months often forms a relatively thin and not lasting snow cover.

However, most precipitation falls as rain.

Winter seasons are long and gloomy.

During the period from November to April temperatures are usually below 10°C.

Although summer days are usually relatively cool, they are long and quite sunny.

Even during the warmest days you can feel a slight cool breeze.

The climate is moderately humid and rainfall during the year varies slightly.

However, the driest month is February and August is wettest.

Denmark’s Best Sights and Attractions

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Denmark is a very beautiful country that offers endless tourism opportunities.

The best way to make your journey unforgettable is to travel by bicycle.

This way, you will have the opportunity to get to know this incredible country and to feel the spirit of local nature, landscapes, cities and culture.

The flat terrain makes cycling easier than anywhere else in the world.

Moreover, this way you will become a part of local lifestyle.

Danes are known for their love of bicycles.

They use absolutely every opportunity to ride a bicycle instead of car.

This is very popular way to travel in the big cities.

On the one hand, riding bicycle you protects the city from excessive pollution.

On the other hand, people maintain good health and good shape.

It’s really incredible experience to cross the emerald green territory of Denmark in summer by bicycle.

The wonderful summer weather will allow you to spend hours under the open sky.

Infrastructure is excellent and on both sides of the road there are beautiful woodlands, picturesque meadows, covered with flowers or crops, lonely ponds, small medieval towns and charming farms.

Travelling across the country you will see some impressive castles.

Many of them are located far outside the settlements and they will make you feel the spirit of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.

One of the most beautiful castles in all of Denmark is Egeskov Slot (castle Egeskov).

It is located in the central provincial parts of the charming Funen Island.

The place is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country.

With its reddish façade, this beautiful castle is situated amidst amazing gardens and lush greenery.

This masterpiece is complemented by a lovely little lake and a garden maze.

Denmark’s coasts are beautiful and picturesque.

Here you will find endless beaches, covered with white and very fine sand.

In warm and sunny days these beaches are a great place to relax, sunbathe and swim.

But remember that sea waters are cooler and the air temperature can not be compared with those along the Mediterranean coast.

The beaches of Denmark are also a place to walk, ride a horse, but in a windy day you can go fly a kite.

Cape Grenen is worth visiting place.

This is the northern-most point of Denmark. Here are the bays of Skagerrak and Kattegat.

This is the place where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea.

Due to the specifics of the sea currents, here is underwater sand formation, reminding of underwater path, which constantly changes its position.

This is a great tourist attraction.

Entering into the sea on the right place, visitors are usually quite impressed by the shallow water.

About 10-15 m off the coast tourists could be still up to their ankles in water.

During the warm summer months here arrive buses full of visitors.

bridge between denmark and sweden

They just want to glimpse the northernmost point of Denmark.

This is the best time of year if you want to see Cape Grenen in its best light.

Denmark is not only a pastoral countryside, beautiful beaches and picturesque suburban areas.

What distinguishes the country from all other European countries are its incredible cities that keep the Danish architectural and cultural heritage.

The biggest and most famous of all Danish cities is Copenhagen.

Although it has a population of 1.2 million people, the city is relatively calm, filled with pedestrians and cyclists, and the most amazing fact is that the air is clean!

During sunny days, which unfortunately are very few, the city parks, squares and streets are quite alive.

Local residents, as typical western Europeans, sit for a cup of coffee or a beer with friends.

The city is a blend of ancient and modern architecture.

The Marble Church, Rosenborg Castle and the beautiful statue of the Little Mermaid are worth a visit.

One of the most interesting modern buildings is the Tycho Brahe Planetarium.

It is located in the city center of the Danish capital and is functional since November 1989.

A great attraction of Copenhagen is Tivoli – one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe.

Copenhagen, however, is not the only place that brings the spirit of Denmark.

For example, if you want to visit the birth place of the famous Hans Christian Andersen, you should visit the town of Odense, located in central Denmark, on the island of Funen.

Do not miss also the city of Hillerod and the beautiful rural villages in Helsingor.

They are closer to Sweden than to the capital Copenhagen and will fascinate you with their atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and impressive castles.

Geographic location, boundaries and size

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Denmark is located in Northern Europe.

It is the southernmost Nordic country.

It borders with Germany and acts as a natural bridge between Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

Denmark is connected to Sweden by tunnel – bridge between the capital Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmo.

Denmark occupies an area of 43,098

The territory includes 5 large and many smaller islands.

The largest Danish island is Greenland, which is still part of the country.

However, the area of Greenland is calculated separately from the area of Denmark.

Through a series of bridges, Jutland Peninsula (mainland Denmark) is connected with the major Danish islands Funen, Zealand, Lolland and Falster, as well as some other smaller islands.

Bornholm Island is too remote to the east and is therefore connected with Denmark only by air or sea.

The country is situated between 54.33° and 57.45°N and between 8.05° and 15.09°E (the island of Bornholm).

It has a coastline facing two seas – the North Sea to the east and the Baltic Sea to the west.


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Denmark‘s territory is flat and the highest point in the country rises only 173 meters above sea level.

It is called Yding Skovhoj and is located in the eastern central parts of the Jutland Peninsula.

The lowest point in the country is on the island of Zealand.

This place is located not far from the bay of Lammefyord and lies 7 meters below sea level.

The coastline of the country is highly indented.

Besides the numerous small islands, the coast is dotted with many small and charming bays and peninsulas.


denmark rural area
Denmark is strongly developed industrial-agrarian country with a highly developed economy.

Since 1972 the country is a member of the European Union.

The Danish krone is the official currency of Denmark.

The standard of living is very high.

The population of Denmark enjoys higher living standard in comparison even with the population of the United States.

Local agriculture is one of the most productive in the world.

Danish farmers grow a great variety of grains and vegetables.

Denmark is a world leader in the manufacture and export of food (especially fish, dairy and meat products).

The country develops high technologies.

Denmark is the most developed country in the world, according to the renewable energy sources.

It is the birth place of the world famous children’s constructors ‘Lego’.

The service sector is very important to the local economy.

Denmark is an attractive educational center.

The higher education is free, but it offers a world-class quality.

The country can boasts with very high level of healthcare.

Denmark has a well-developed social system.

High labor productivity strongly contribute to the working time reducing.

Thanks to strong exports, the local population can afford great variety of benefits.

The closest trading partners of Denmark are the other EU member states and the United States.


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Denmark’s population is around 5.5 million people.

Today, the country is home to many nationalities.

Every tenth inhabitant of Denmark defines itself as an immigrant or a descendant of immigrants.

Predominate settlers from other EU countries.

Most of them come here because of the high quality and easily accessible education, as well as because of the possibility of finding gainful employment.

Copenhagen is the most cosmopolitan city in the country.

Of all the people who now live in Denmark most numerous are, of course, the residents of Danish origin, followed by the Germans.

The largest groups of Danes outside Denmark today live in the United States.

It is assumed that the U.S. is home to at least 30% of the Danes in the world.

Official language in Denmark is Danish and official religion is Christianity.

Most of the residents identify themselves as Protestants.